Hot Stuff Bitesize Brownies with Oaxacan Smoked Chilli Honey (gluten free)


These mini bitesize brownies with gold leaf are hot stuff suitable for Valentine’s dessert or luxurious canape. They get their kick from Gran Luchito honey. [Read on...]

Almond brownies recipe made with Santa’s little helper


Walnuts are usually used in brownies however these are almond brownies. You can also make them gluten free. [Read on...]

Recipe: chocolate dipped espresso blondie bites


I have a confession. I don’t drink coffee. In fact I don’t drink any hot brown drinks apart from the occasional hot chocolate in winter.

But I do love coffee flavoured bakes and sweets – in fact it’s me who hoovers up all the fondant coffee cremes in boxes of [Read on...]

Recipe: gluten free blackberry blondies


As promised in my review of Leila Lindholm’s One More Slice, here is my version of her white chocolate blondies.

Leila frequently gives readers a basic recipe with half a dozen variations – her original blondies were white chocolate but she gave an option with raspberries instead. Since I was [Read on...]

Recipe: blondies with Boursin cream cheese and black pepper

Final installment of my trio of recipes using up seasonal ingredients. Having dealt with the mincemeat and chestnuts we’re moving on to something more obscure. For some reason I always buy a pack of Boursin with Black Pepper at Christmas to be the [Read on...]

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