Reeces peanut butter cake pops dipped in milk chocolate


Very easy, very fast, peanut butter cake pops using Reeces pieces. As a child I loved Reeces peanut butter cups from Woolworths… [Read on...]

Christmas Pudding Christmas Cake Pops recipe


Made with fruit cake and dipped in Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate, these Christmas Cake Pops are a bite size treat you can share with your friends throughout December. [Read on...]

Recipe: evil pumpkin patch cupcakes


The more evil a pumpkin the better so far as I’m concerned.

Outrageously for a blog with the word “cupcake” in the title, unless I’m mistaken, these are the first cupcakes to feature on here in eleven months.

I’m fairly ambivalent about cupcakes these days and have agonised with changing the name of the [Read on...]

This is Radio Cake Pop with Vanessa Kimbell


After our recent mixer-off challenge on Vanessa Kimbell’s BBC Northampton radio show, we pre-recorded a cake pops show too. This will be broadcast between 9 and 11 on Easter Sunday morning [Read on...]

Recipe: somewhat scary shamrock cake pops

Shamrock cake pops for St Patricks Day

Today I’m not up to cooking so it’s just waffle. And before you get excited about waffles, actually it’s just dodgy looking cake pops.

Service has been stalled this week as I sit drinking shot glasses of throat spray and popping ibuprofen by the clock. It’s not all been bad, I’ve caught [Read on...]

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