Justin and the Knights of Valour cupcakes


Justin and the Knights of Valour cupcakes - 01-imp.jpg It’s been a while since I did any sugarcrafting so when the film company behind kids’ animated film Justin and the Knights of Valour asked me to celebrate the film coming out on DVD this week, the gauntlet was well and truly thrown down. Justin and the Knights of Valour cupcakes landscape - 02.jpg I don’t know how this movie crept under my radar first time round, it’s stuffed with top actors and fun characters. I decided to base a set of cupcakes on the characters on the DVD artwork. Justin and the Knights of Valour cupcakes I worked on each of the designs in stages, topping the cake bases with complimenting shades of sugar paste, mixing up that tricky flesh colour and stamping out faces each with slightly different shapes. Justin and the Knights of Valour cupcakes - 12-imp.jpg Our hero, Justin, voiced by Freddie Highmore (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and more to the point, one of my all time favourite films, Ridley Scott’s A Good Year ).

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Festive Mini Coffee Cupcakes with Aero


These mini coffee cupcakes could be served any time of year but dress them up in gold wrappers with glittery sprinkles and you’ve got yourself a bitesize dessert for passing around at parties. [Read on...]

Banana and Walnut Cupcakes #OneIngredient


Cupcakes must be like buses… I go ages without making any and then they keep popping up one after another. It’s not long since the last ones and there are more in the pipeline!

I had some left over icing from the plum and coconut cupcakes and used it for these cupcakes [Read on...]

Plum and coconut cupcakes #oneingredient #calendarcakes


It’s become a standing joke that I barely ever publish any cupcakes. It’s not deliberate, I just go ages without doing them.

These plums had been intended for something entirely different but I was struck with inspiration to combine plums and coconut in cupcake form.

They’ve actually been in the fridge a [Read on...]

Step by baby step royal baby cupcakes


We may not know the name yet but the arrival of HRH baby Cambridge on Monday night means I can finally share with you my royal baby cupcakes!

They’re dead simple to make without any specialist sugar craft tools and can easily be adapted for non royal babies too.

Follow my step by baby [Read on...]

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