Brown sugar raisin spelt muffin recipe #oneingredient #teatimetreats


Muffins are something I bash out quickly… rather like this blog post! The boys have both been poorly this week and the lack of time to myself is beginning to pall.

I actually made these first time around in plenty of time for Laura and Nazima’s One Ingredient Challenge and in fact this is [Read on...]

Stilton and walnut muffins recipe


Here’s how we polished off the last bit of that Christmas stilton – with some cheesy stilton and walnut muffins.

I should warn you from the start. This post is kind of grouchy.

At the beginning of January I remarked in my banana fudge muffin post that you could make muffins for [Read on...]

Banana fudge muffin recipe with Le Creuset baking tin


If you leave all the ingredients ready the night before, making these banana fudge muffins for breakfast is a piece of cake.

Not that I do it myself very often. I always mean to make muffins and pancakes for breakfast at weekends. Muffins can be ready inside half an hour if you get your [Read on...]

Caramelised apple muffin recipe


I like to keep a complete record here of every recipe I’ve published elsewhere and have just realised I haven’t shared my apple muffins recently published on BabyCentre.

[Read on...]

Recipe: strawberry muffins with rose icing


Marian Keyes’ Saved by Cake called these cupcakes but I think they’re definitely muffins. Dead easy to bake with kids. [Read on...]

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