Recipe: honey and lemon cream cheese popovers


Today’s pictures are square and I’m a bit of a square really. I like baking, I like being in the kitchen but mostly I like geeky things and fiddling around with software and gadgets.

Today’s post was an experiment in more ways than one, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve virtually already read [Read on...]

Another Flipping Pancake Day…

Hazelnut and Maple Fudge Sauce Pancakes

Even though pancake day is relatively late this year, it still feels like it’s come round really quickly. Is it March already? We still have my sister in law’s family’s Christmas presents in the living room, I swore this year they would not hang around until Easter again but [Read on...]

Recipe: chocolate crepes Suzette with clementine and amaretto

“Oh how we laughed… on the way to the burns unit,” was a favourite witticism of a former colleague whenever someone did something stupid that nearly went horribly wrong. [Read on...]

Recipe: Scotch pancakes with pink grapefruit and whisky marmalade

Whilst flying around this week making charity cupcakes for Cake A Difference and panicking that I’ve not yet done my Mactweets Macarons or any Valentine’s [Read on...]

Recipe: pancakes with hazelnuts and hot maple fudge sauce

A pinch a punch, first day of the month, white rabbits and all that.  February is here and I am secretly cursing that Valentines is not after Shrove [Read on...]

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