Toffee, Apple and Walnut Tart made with flashy gadgets


In cyberspace – if not in person – this week I have been dining Come Dine With Me style enjoying a series of dishes especially created using some whizzy new gadgets by Russell Hobbs.

This not being the TV series, neither Camilla at Fab Food 4 All nor Michelle [Read on...]

Why does it always have to be lemon meringue pie?


It’s always lemon meringue pie, why is it always lemon meringue pie? Don’t get me wrong, I love lemon meringue pie to bits.

I’m not as obsessive as Nigel Slater and his step mother in Toast (brilliantly depicted by Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore) who memorably pitted themselves against each other making magnificent [Read on...]

Really fast raspberry tart with cheat’s low fat Devon Dream “creme patissiere”


I have raspberries coming out my ears right now. My garden has an overgrown raspberry bush (offcuts from my former neighbour gardening writer Martyn Cox) currently producing at least a punnet of fruit per day.

Whilst we were away in Venice last week (more on this soon) my mother froze three [Read on...]

The final pudding…


It was the last thing I would ever bake. Similar to pavlova but even easier. Egg whites and sugar whipped up into meringue, popped into a blisteringly hot oven which is then promptly turned off. Never to be turned on again. [Read on...]

Breakfast Club yoghurt challenge

Mango, Blueberries, Yogurt by Sarah Trivuncic

When December concludes with an inflated Violet Beauregarde style waddle, January 1st follows with a hand banging forehead Homer Simpson intoned “D’oh!” at the sight of the scales.

Moreover if several fitness and dieting related companies approach you to talk about their products it’s time to bite the bullet – or the [Read on...]

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