Apricot and amaretto ice cream


Yes it has a bowl you have to store in the freezer and yes I hear you cry “but I’d never have it ready when I wanted to use it”, “but my freezer is always full so I’d never have space for it”. Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 03 Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 04<Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 05 Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 06 In fact, I keep my ice cream maker bowl in the freezer whenever it’s not being used. … However I’ve reached the conclusion I prefer my old lime green one with plastic handle because it takes up less space in the drawer and unless your ice cream is soft scoop (which home made generally isn’t) the trigger effect doesn’t really do it justice.

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Review: Waitrose Christmas range

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 11.25.05

Get set for twelve fabulous days of present giving lined up between now and December 17. There will be books, hampers, cookware, chocolate, you name it, it’s being given away here over the next twelve days. [Read on...]

Mince pie ice cream recipe using up mince pies and mince meat


Still a few mince pies knocking about after Christmas? Use up left over mince pies and save a taste of Christmas with this mince pie ice cream recipe. [Read on...]

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