Mini Coffee Tarts – a dead easy dessert


These mini coffee tarts are my entry to Dead Easy Desserts – my new event for desserts taking 30 minutes or less. [Read on...]

Linzer Torte with Spiced Melting Moment Topping – guest recipe by Dean Brettschneider


Dean Brettschneider’s take on the classic Austrian linzer torte with delicate almond-based pastry fragrantly spiced with cinnamon and cloves, and jam filling. [Read on...]

Apricot tart with smoked Mexican honey


Believe it or not, this recipe was inspired by a totally different savoury recipe, Charlotte Pike’s lemon and courgette tart with pesto.

I admired the idea of baking the fresh produce for 15 minutes, smearing a rectangle of puff pastry with something yummy out of a jar (in this case Gran [Read on...]

Lemon courgette pesto tart for hungry husbands


I’m trying hard to only put DSLR photos on this site whilst blogging family meals that were instagrammed over at my family food site Dinner With Crayons.

But actually it was this shot above that did this recipe more justice (plus I didn’t scorch the pastry second time I made it!!)

With [Read on...]

Really fast raspberry tart with cheat’s low fat Devon Dream “creme patissiere”


I have raspberries coming out my ears right now. My garden has an overgrown raspberry bush (offcuts from my former neighbour gardening writer Martyn Cox) currently producing at least a punnet of fruit per day.

Whilst we were away in Venice last week (more on this soon) my mother froze three [Read on...]

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