Sugarcraft Showcase: Martha Swift of Primrose Bakery and a giveaway


For the latest Sugarcraft Showcase we have an interview with Martha Swift of Primrose Bakery and a giveaway of Primrose Bakery Celebrations, their new book. Primrose Bakery Primrose Hill Back in the icing sugar clouded mists of baking blog time, I pushed young Ted in his Bugaboo up Primrose Hill where he promptly fell asleep. Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 16.09.40.jpg bad-cupcake-photography.jpg You didn’t see many Bugaboos in Walthamstow then but amongst all the other yummy mummy buggies stationed under the trees my husband and I joked that Ted fitted in perfectly well – even if his less well heeled parents didn’t. … Having only started this blog a few weeks earlier, this trip to Primrose Bakery was one my earliest blogging “expeditions”. 201403131828.jpg And it’s a good job we went – fast forward five years and some five hundred plus blog posts later, I’m off to meet Martha Swift, partner in the very same Primrose Bakery to talk about the enduring popularity of cupcakes and their latest book Primrose Bakery Celebrations. Primrose Bakery Primrose Hill On the day of my visit, the frontage was masked by road works and orange cones so here’s the picture above I took back in 2009 and I’m happy to say they’ve kept the same sunny yellow paint that makes the shop shine out from down the street. Primrose Bakery Primrose Hill Inside it’s exactly as I remember – white shelving with cupcake themed gifts, glass display cabinet to ogle the cakes and chrome edge diner style tables to sit at. Primrose Bakery Primrose Hill Founders Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas met 16 years ago at their daily nursery drop off when their children were young.

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Maison Cupcake in Paris: lusting after Ladurée


Maison Cupcake in Paris Part One

Is it Easter already? Twelve months have passed yet it feels like yesterday my husband and I escaped by ourselves for a holiday weekend in Paris by Eurostar.

As I was preoccupied with a tight deadline for the first photo shoot of the book I never [Read on...]

Review: Butler’s Chocolate Cafe, Dublin


Last weekend whilst Maison Cupcake was whizzing through the air between Blogger and WordPress I was whizzing through the air myself from Birmingham to Dublin.

Ted was safely despatched on Grandma’s boat for the weekend whilst Nick and I had two nights away as a joint celebration for our wedding [Read on...]

Review: Eat17 cupcakes

Now I don’t want you to eat seventeen of these cupcakes, it is the name of the shop they came from.  My local deli is called Eat17 since we live in the postcode East 17. Quite a few of my friends have been [Read on...]

Review: What’s Up Cupcake? Whitstable, Kent

Today we paid one of our regular visits to Whitstable in Kent.  It is one of the closest seaside places to East London and traffic permitting, we can be there in around 1 hour 15 minutes.  Our previous trip had been in the spring of this year where [Read on...]

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