Store cupboard granola and the chance to win some Whitworth’s baking sugars


A few baking trays and an hour’s attention paid to this store cupboard granola and you’ll have a crunchy breakfast waiting for six weeks. This is the first of three posts written in conjunction with Whitworths Baking Sugars – see below how you can win a selection of your own.

My husband complained [Read on...]

Banana fudge muffin recipe with Le Creuset baking tin


If you leave all the ingredients ready the night before, making these banana fudge muffins for breakfast is a piece of cake.

Not that I do it myself very often. I always mean to make muffins and pancakes for breakfast at weekends. Muffins can be ready inside half an hour if you get your [Read on...]

Chocolate detox drink: The Shrink Mummy Shake


Who’s ready for chocolate detox? On days when you are determined to be a good girl, indulge in my favourite Shrink Mummy Shake. I can guarantee that it will fill you up until lunchtime and it’s even got cocoa in it. Ka-pow!


It may be New Year’s Day but this is [Read on...]

Recipe: honey and lemon cream cheese popovers


Today’s pictures are square and I’m a bit of a square really. I like baking, I like being in the kitchen but mostly I like geeky things and fiddling around with software and gadgets.

Today’s post was an experiment in more ways than one, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve virtually already read [Read on...]

A Breakfast Club Potato Recipe… oh no it isn’t


I’m going to go all mysterious on you now. I’m not able to show you my tasty frittata yet, for reasons which will later be explained… [Read on...]

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