Speedy Supper: Spinach Tortilla and 10 ways to spice it up


Something other than sandwiches that’s ready in a flash? Something you can make mostly from storecupboard ingredients? Something you can feed the family or make individual portions of with equal ease? What is this amazing dish? Tortilla! Or Frittata! (What is the difference exactly, answers in the comments below please!)

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Mushroom tagliatelle homemade pasta mixed in breadmaker #pastaplease


IMG_8263-WM.jpg Homemade pasta mushroom tagliatelle mixed in the breadmaker

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How to cook Turkey in a twizzle with Marco Pierre White


Imagine if you will, twelve ladies squeezed into an intimate space with a knife wielding chef in his Chelsea kitchen (within the grounds of Chelsea FC no less).

And meet the star of the show, this unsuspecting bird who is about to get the Marco Pierre White treatment.

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Turkey wraps with Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce


Well it’s the Easter holidays and typically I don’t get much time to write up blog posts whilst Ted is off school.

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Recipe: mini chicken and leek pie


The perfect recipe for left over roast chicken that you can make inside 30 minutes. The nights are drawing in and it’s that comfort food time of year again. [Read on...]

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