A rapid, international Forever Nigella: #10 Christmas Presence

I have been slack I know, whilst I’ve been slogging over my manuscript and appearing to ignore people most of you have probably forgotten about Forever Nigella so beloved in her hey day of 40-50 entries per month.

I have neglected dear Nigella for too long and therefore, this will be the last Forever Nigella as we know it. *Violins*. Boo hoo.

Possibly I could post a picture of myself smothered in salt caramel to get your attention. But I fear it may not get the same reaction as the shot above. (Is it me? Or does she look like she’s plastered with Castrol GTX? You remember that ad don’t you? No? Too young? OK let’s move on…)

Panic not, Forever Nigella will be back but I am making a few tweaks to the format to make it easier for me to manage without the assistance of long suffering husband who has been creating the beautiful buttons every time I beat him with a stick.

So this yuletide, all I ask of you is to post any Nigella recipe you are blogging this Christmas (no verbatim recipe text please, see rules below). Hands stuffed up turkeys, fingers plucking puddini bon bons from trays, your semi freddos being licked, whatever. From January 1st we will have regular new strictly monthly Forever Nigella arrangements. But I’m not telling you what those are yet.

A prize, oh yes indeedy we have an international prize

To make things a little more fun this month I am returning to a practice of the early Forever Nigellas and have secured a jolly prize for you! From the lovely Salter housewares people who are so famous for making scales.

Someone submitting their festive Nigella feast will be able to win a set of these slinky sexy digital Salter slim digital scales.

Anywhere in the world. That’s right. This prize is available internationally.

They come in all kinds of colours, I own a lime green set for my kermit infested kitchen, I’m not sure what colour the winner will get, possibly you’ll get to choose – what a nice surprise.

Aren’t Salter lovely. I say thank you to them right here.

The bad news is you only have two weeks. But heck, I can’t exactly move Christmas can I.

As we speak I am doing something incredibly Nigella like in my kitchen but I can’t possibly tell you what it is. Yet. Maybe I should video it.

Whatever you’re doing that’s Nigella like in your own kitchen please share with the new fangled (well ok old fangled, everyone’s been using them but I’ve only just started) Linky Tool and let’s get all goddess like for Christmas.

A reminder of the rules:

Forever Nigella #10 ”Christmas Presence”

Challenge: To prepare and blog any Nigella recipe during the Christmas period. Ideally it will be Christmassy but I’m not fussy.
Deadline: December 31st 2011 at midnight wherever you are.
Winner announcement: Within a week, to be added to the Forever Nigella page.

There are:
No rules about how often you must take part
No rules about stuff being secret until certain dates
No rules that everyone cook exactly the same thing
No rules about not being able to submit to any other blog events – just check it doesn’t contravene the other guys’ rules

But there are 3 rules:
1. Blog your entry by the deadline including:
a) the current Forever Nigella badge
b) a link to the current host (ME)
c) a link to the official Forever Nigella page at Maison Cupcake: http://maisoncupcake.com/forever-nigella

2. So not to breach Nigella’s copyright you must NOT reproduce recipes verbatim as shown in her books. If using an original Nigella recipe, tell us which book it is from and/or where we find it online (see most likely sites below). If you’ve adapted the recipe in some way i.e. changed at least two ingredients or amended the method then it’s ok to publish the a recipe in your post but you MUST write the directions in your own words.

3. Tell us about your post by adding it to the Linky Tool below! I have made this into a Blog Hop so feel free to post the script at the bottom of your post to encourage your readers to visit the other entries. If you can’t see the linky below it’s because I’ve never done one before and I’ve stuffed it up. Nag me and I’ll sort it out.

Don’t forget to tweet your post with the hashtag #forevernigella – I will retweet all those I see!

Enjoy your Nigella Christmas presence!

N.B. Your entry must have been published since the announcement post. You may only submit something from your archives if you republish it as a new post.


  1. says

    The linky list is probably much easier to do than individually emailing, so thanks for that, Sarah. I take part in events, and I almost always forget to email the organiser, at least this time I know I’ll still be included :)

    We are heading to friends’ for Christmas, but I am taking ice cream… so something very Nigella beckons!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Oh that’s good to hear, I wasn’t sure how people would receive the Linky as not that many food blogs in UK use them. Definitely it sounds like a lot less work which means we can have nice prompt start and end dates without me faffing about!!

  2. says

    i’m in… I had wondered what had happened to FN, so i’m glad it’s back! I have just the thing up my sleeve too!

  3. says

    Dammit, I made Rocky Road for a work party the other day and forgot to photograph it! I don’t think I have any Nigella recipes planned until after Christmas – I’ll have to blog quickly I suppose!!

  4. Helen says

    Apologies for the strange gaps in my blog post. It took me 20 minutes to make the cranberry sauce and approximately 2 hours to blog it, due to the fact that my photos kept on bunching up on the page (not sure what the “preview” is for, but it sure doesn’t give you a preview of what it’ll look like when you publish!) In the end the only way to stop them overlapping was to have them spread out. I’m a relatively new blogger and still haven’t got to grips with how everything works :( Also, it it ok for me not to do the blog hop thing, as it says that it doesn’t work on WordPress. Do I have to do something else instead?

  5. says

    Merry Christmas, I am far from technology savvy and my eagerness to upload my Italian trifle, made me upload it 3 times with the first two no link to my own blog. If possible, could you delete entries 14 &15 as they link back to this page (I need IT lessons). Anyway all my family enjoyed my Italian trifle and I managed to have three cuisines in one meal (English, Jamaican and Italian) Merry Christmas.

  6. says

    I think I am a bit too late and a bit too out-fooded to do a post for this, but having just found it, I will start looking forward to your monthly posts! And yes – castrol GTX, absolutely – silly lady!

  7. says

    Hey Sarah, I commented on your comment at


    but I’m putting it here too so you get it. :)

    Sarah, it is actually confusing depending on what you have grown up eating. The difference is that “stuffing” is actually stuffed into the bird before cooking. “Dressing” is the same thing just cooked separately. The crock-pot version is great because it helps free up the oven. It is really tasty too!

    We call the stuff you put on salads “dressing” as well.


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