Forever Nigella #2 “Seduced by Chocolate”

When I was planning a blog event I thought the round up post might end up being heavily padded with my own entries to disguise that not many people had taken part.

How wrong I was.

I have been bowled over by the number of people who have taken part in the first Forever Nigella.

FORTY FIVE entries no less.

I’m absolutely amazed, in fact I have promised Scrumptious Sally to say “never has my flabber been so gasted”!

Thank you so much everybody, I hope this will be the start of a well loved and well attended event.

As I write I am putting the finishing touches to the round up for Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella to declare a winner. The round up will be published shortly alongside the winner of the draw from all blogs who displayed the Forever Nigella button during the month to publicise the event.

Whilst waiting for this, there’s no reason why we can’t all get started with Forever Nigella #2, the theme of which is “Seduced by Chocolate”. As you can see above, I am busy with my rendition of Coca-Cola cake which you will see in it’s full glory soon.

In the run up to Valentine’s Day you can take your pick of Nigella’s chocolate desserts plus any savoury dishes you can find or adapt – there is definitely a chilli recipe with cocoa somewhere and who knows what else.

Chocolate or cocoa doesn’t need to be the main ingredient, so long as it’s in there somewhere. Woo us with chocolate, tickle us with cocoa, grab us by the Curly Wurlies – has Nigella published a recipe using Curly Wurly? If not then she should!


Whoever exudes the most Nigella-ness this month will be able to lovingly caress their salad (or anything or anyone they choose) with these shiny red melamine serving hands. This prize is very definitely open to international readers – I am deliberately choosing small items that can be posted overseas.

This month’s judge will be Dom from the mighty Chocablog, the chocolate blog. What he doesn’t know about chocolate isn’t worth knowing.

Do your best to uncover Nigella’s lesser known chocolate recipes and that way we can get a round up showing a good range of dishes!

A reminder of the rules:

Forever Nigella #2 “Seduced by Chocolate”

Challenge: To seduce us all with chocolate using any Nigella recipe or adaptation (see notes below). Wearing of black satin dressing gowns to cook in the dark by fairy lights is actively encouraged.

Deadline: Sunday 20 February, midnight wherever you are.

Round up: A few days later. Maybe a week. It depends how many of you enter. The next challenge will be publicised as soon as this one ends and most likely before the chocolate round up.

There are:

No rules about how often you must take part

No rules about stuff being secret until certain dates (although you are encouraged to tease us on Twitter about what you are making)

No rules that everyone cook exactly the same thing

No rules about not being able to submit to any other blog contests – in fact I actively encourage you to do this. Just make sure it doesn’t contravene any rules the other guys may have.

But there are 3 rules:

1. We want everyone to keep buying lots and lots of Nigella books so that she keeps writing them so you must NOT reproduce recipes verbatim as shown in Nigella’s publications. If you are sticking exactly to the original recipe, just tell us which book it was from and if available, provide a link to it on which publishes a lot (but not all) of her recipes. (You may also find some recipes on sites for some TV stations and newspapers).

Alternatively, you may blog an adapted Nigella recipe so long as you have changed at least two ingredients and write the directions in your own words. Tell us what you changed and why.

2. Publish your Forever Nigella blog post (in English) by the closing date including the latest Forever Nigella graphic and giving a link to this post and/or that month’s announcement post. Your entry must have been published since the announcement post. You may only re-blog something from your archives if you republish it with the badge and links to this post before the deadline.

3. Email the details to me at sarahATmaisoncupcakeDOTcom, we need your name, your blog name, a link to your post and a photo no more than 300 pixels wide. No billboard sized images please.

That’s it!

Don’t forget to tweet your post with the hashtag #forevernigella – I will retweet whichever ones I see.

Badges for your posts can be grabbed from above or on the Forever Nigella page. I had hoped to have some techy html code for you but time has run away with me – hopefully we will have this next time.

Lastly, some of you have already asked about hosting. After I’ve hosted the first 2-3 rounds myself I will hand over the baton. I’ve also updated the Forever Nigella page to be a reference place to the rules and ultimately links to previous round ups and hosts.

Enjoy being seduced by chocolate and I look forward to seeing all of your entries!


    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      I’ve not tasted it yet, it’s in a tin awaiting its icing. But it smells good!

  1. Brittany says

    A great idea! Just like the last event. I’m looking forward to seeing the winner, and the results of the next one too!
    What should I do…

  2. says

    I don’t know how I managed to complete miss participating in Forever Nigella #1, especially with my sweet adopted daughter Lorraine as the judge. I think I would have had the inside track! I’ll have to give some serious thought to chocolate!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      That’s alright Barbara, I look forward to seeing you join us for another theme – maybe this time round?

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      It’s marvellous isn’t it, I’m so pleased people are enjoying this and spreading the Nigella love far and wide!

  3. Summer says

    Woowowow, this sounds sooo good!
    A great turnout!
    Yay to u….and i loveee the pink change in ur blog button for forever Nigella!

    And i loveee ur writing style here:-) as if Nigella herself has written:-)
    can the little black dress be pink instead, please:-)
    Super excited:-)

    ANd im totallly in loveeeee with Curly wurlies now :-)
    Ur coke cake sounds good and may i ask u where u got the cute bundt molds from?
    Looking forward to the round up and winners !

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      You may wear what you like! Glad you like the button, I’m working my husband hard these days…

  4. says

    I must try and enter this month, I do love a bit of Nigella with my choc.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas Sarah, I have tried commenting on here but for some reason have had problems. Crossing fingers this time…

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Hello Nic! Lovely to see you. I did have a nice christmas thanks. Sorry you’ve had probs leaving comments… no idea what would be causing that? I’d be delighted to see you take part!

  5. Alethea Hill says

    Another fabulous theme! Will have to get my thinking cap on, possibly while nibbling something chocolate and gooey!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      That’s ok! Nigella has published scores of chocolate recipes, I’m sure you can find another one you love? Otherwise I hope you join us for a future theme.

  6. says

    Yoink! Excellent shoe-horning in of the F word, there.

    I got a copy of ‘Feast’ for Christmas and I am thinking of doing something Epic. Very happy that the first challenge was such a success!

  7. says

    I just stopped by to let you know what a great idea and fabulous “look” to the badge. I’ve already visited three blogs that have posted scrumptious Nigellaish cakes. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Thank you very much – don’t forget to come back for the round up for hopefully dozens of Nigella chocolate delights!

  8. says

    Hey Sarah, just got to know about the Forever Nigella event that you’re hosting. I’ve missed the first one and was wondering if I can be a part of it from now onwards.

  9. says

    I’m up for this one – chocolate of any kind doesn’t hang round long in our house. Congrats on the success of the first round – you’ve tapped the zeitgeist of Nigella love!

  10. says

    Congratulations on all of your entries, very impressive. And given that it’s chocolate, I will be able to enter the 2nd Forever Nigella too.

  11. says

    45 entries WOW! Sarah that’s amazing. I can’t wait to see them all. And I love those salad hands. Have coveted those for some time. Better get baking up some chocolate goodies. Not that I need any encouraging!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      They do look wonderful in red… I have wooden ones but I think I’d prefer these colourful red ones.

  12. says

    It’s so great to see an event like this supporting a British cook. Nigella all the way! Can’t wait to get choosing something chocolatey :)

  13. nickki says

    I can’t wait for Febuary! :-) The only difficult thing will be choosing just one of Nigella’s chocolate recipes..I have tried so many and I love them all! Better get my thinking cap on…:-)

  14. says

    Greetings from the U.S., Sarah. I’m not sure how I stumbled across your site, but I love it. And I love this contest. Let the chocolate seduction begin! hmmm, now off to contemplate what to make. Thanks for the inspiration.


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