(CLOSED) Giveaway #48: JustBake.co.uk cake decorating goodies


If the rain is getting you down then baking is the perfect escape keeping you warm and cosy indoors. We may not have much spring weather outside but you can bake up a selection of spring themed cupcakes with my latest giveaway prize.

Just Bake is a new cake decorating mail order website aimed at home bakers rather than trade producers. Just Bake was set up by Jo Shaw after she found she was struggling to find interesting cake sprinkles and cupcake wrappers in her local shops. If you’re tired of the same ranges in the supermarket but find most online cake decorating suppliers push you towards ordering in bulk, Just Bake could be just what you’re looking for.

From metallic foiled dragees to non pareils, from sophisticated Scandinavian cupcake cases to coloured Tulip Muffin wraps, Just Bake offers a wide range of cupcake and cake decorations together with stands to display then and boxes to transport them safely home.

I especially liked the wide range of patterned cupcake boxes in various sizes – and at competitive prices too. Plus a great range of cardboard cupcake stands with themes to suit all occasions from baby showers to jubilee parties and children’s birthdays.

The shop is very easy to search, products are listed by type as well as theme or colour. There’s free delivery if you spend over £75 or live locally (Nottinghamshire postal district NG25). Delivery charges otherwise start from a very reasonable £2.75 for orders under £20 – music to my ears after using so many sites where the delivery charge is a flat £5 and you end up spending loads more money to justify the delivery costs!

Here’s what you can win – this selection would normally cost you around £50!

Pack of 12 “Pretty Flowers” Reusable Cupcake Wrappers

Pack of 12 “Yellow Gingham” Reusable Cupcake Wrappers

3 Tier Flora Tea Party Cupcake Stand

Pack of 54 “pink blossom” cupcake cases

Pack of 54 “pink daisy” cupcake cases

Pack of multi-coloured sugar flower sprinkles

Pack of butterfly sprinkles

Pack of large white sugar daisy cupcake decorations

Pack of yellow daffodil cupcake decorations

Pack of butterfly cupcake decorations

Pack of pink butterfly cupcake decorations

Pack of Starlight pink edible silk

Pack of magic sparkles (hint of green)

Pack of pink blossom cake decorations

Pack of pink butterfly cake decorations

Giveaway #48: Win a selection of cake decorating goodies from JustBake.co.uk


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Sarah, Maison Cupcake

Sarah Trivuncic is one of the UK's leading food bloggers. She is the author of Bake Me I'm Yours... Sweet Bitesize Bakes and has been the voice behind Maison Cupcake since 2009. You can also connect with her on Google+


  1. I’d be Multicoloured Sugar Confetti Cupcake Sprinkles because they’re bright and a bit ditsy like me :) @pipersky1

  2. I would be pink chocolate curl sprinkles. Chocolate but just a bit different.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I hadn’t heard of Just Bake before. Found some lovely things that I will be buying very soon.

  3. I would be Magic Sparkles! in fact I like that for a twitter name! I’m just magic and I sparkle – honestly!

  4. Mine would be the Mini chocolate beans because I love rainbow colours and adore chocolate even more ;O)


  5. Sweet, sparkling and light – that’s me all round! (too much of a pushover though!)

  6. I would be the Pink Sugar Butterfly Cupcake Sprinkles as I love butterflies as decorations, in my garden or like my tattoes!!

  7. I would be the silver balls you get because everyone loves them and they brighten up any cake and put a smile on your face.

  8. I’d be the Bear & Elephant Shaped Cupcake Sprinkles because they look like they’ve eaten a little too much just like me.

  9. I would pick the pink butterfly’s as pink is my favorite colour & also I found love to have wings to fly.

  10. I’d be magic sparkles with a hint of green – magical and slightly mysterious

  11. I’d be the ‘bear and elephant sprinkles’ because I have to admit I’m a bit of a random person. The multicoloured, slightly strange mix of animals sum up my mix of personality, tastes and things I get up to on a daily basis.

  12. Mini Chocolate Bean Cupcake Sprinkles. Might seem a bit plain, but can be a mighty colourful character, a bit dotty & if you get to know me a bit better, you might just find a chocolaty surprise on the inside.

  13. Oh definately the mini chocolate beans, (aka Smarties!) colourful and ever so slightly childish, like me!

  14. If you were a cake sprinkle from JustBake.co.uk I would be the Butterfly sprinkles. This is because purple butterflies are the theme for my wedding cake and invitations in the summer :)

  15. I would be the Marbled Chocolate Curl Cupcake Sprinkles because I am sweet and fantastic and so are they.

  16. I would be a White Mini Mallow Sprinkle because I’m seriously in need of a tan but I’m still soft and squidgy and delicious lol.

  17. I’d be Pink Sugar Butterfly Sprinkles; as I’m a feminine free-spirit who loves pink and butterflies.

  18. I’d be pink chocolate curl sprinkles as I love chocolate and pink chocolate is just like me, special and girlie.

  19. I’d be purple covered chocolate sprinkles as that’s my favourite colour and i looooooove chocolate :)

  20. wow what an amazing selection! If I were one I’d be Halloween Cupcake Sprinkles, a bit evil but very tasty! haha!

  21. I would be the Bear and Elephant sprinkles, Husband says he never knows what mood I will be in at the moment so this would give him a choice.

  22. I’d be a Pink & White Mini Mallow Cupcake Sprinkle because I’m squishy, don’t have much shape to me, but I’m very versatile and can be very good fun

  23. I’d be a Butterfly sprinkle because I like a little flutter every now and then

  24. I would be the Hint Of Lime Magic Sparkles because I can be sharp when needed but add flavour to any occasion.

  25. I would be chocolate sprinkles – because they are dark and sweet just like me.

  26. Dinosaur sprinkles because that is what I feel like when my kids discuss the latest craze to hit their school.

  27. I’d be a pink chocolate curl cupcake sprinkle, because I love pink and I love chocolate, and I have curly hair!

  28. I’d be a pink chocolate curl cupcake sprinkle, because I love pink and I love chocolate, and I have curly hair!

    (Rafflecopter was playing up and made me click ‘post blog comment’ twice, so… if you could delete one of my entries please!)

  29. I would be multicoloured flower sprinkles…as I have a a garden full of weeds that needs to be changed into flowers!

  30. i would be the Alphabet Cupcake Sprinkles as you never know what im going to say x

  31. Mini marshmallows – as I am soft and sweet, and as they say, the best things come in small packages!

  32. I would be white sugar snowflakes, because they remind me of my home: Russia. I love snow. And as a kid, I once was a snowflake in the nursery performance. :)

  33. Hi there,
    I am following on twitter @my3_monkeys. I hit enter too soon whilst confirming it in the rafflecopter :)

  34. i would be the white sugar butterfly sprinkles as i love to fly free like a butterfly x

  35. Halloween sprinkles – I can be scary to look at but am lovely when you try a little bit

  36. I would be a sugar flower sprinkle because I love to make things look pretty.

  37. I would be the pink sugar butterfly because I all girlie and delicate and pretty like a butterfly.

  38. I’d be the Bear & Elephant Shaped Cupcake Sprinkles … I LOVE animals and love to keep it fun!

  39. I would be the rainbow sprinkles because there’s so many different colours in my life!

  40. I would be Mini Red and White Heart Sprinkles because sometimes I’m quiet and reserved, other times I’m bold and in your face, but I’m full of love whatever!

  41. I would be the Pink Sugar Butterfly Cupcake Sprinkles because I would be the prettiest sprinkle on the cupcake!

  42. I would be chocolate curls, because everyone loves a touch of chocolate with a twist

  43. I think i’d definitely have to be the pink and white mini mallows – because I am a very fluffy fun loving person

  44. I would be a white chocolate curl. White chocolate is my absolute favourite. The curls are fun yet still give the cake/cupcake an elegant touch.

  45. i would have to be Metallic Silver Sparkling Sugar Crystals :) because i love all things sparkly and i love silver too :)

  46. I’d be a butterfly because it is such a versatile sprinkle and woud adorn so many different type cakes

  47. I’d be Pink Chocolate Curl Cupcake Sprinkles, I just kive the colour and the shape!

  48. Hi! I would be Mini Red & White Heart Cupcake Sprinkles! these are so cute!

  49. I would be Multicoloured Sugar Flower Cupcake Sprinkles because I love displays of different flowers.

  50. I’d be the Green Sugar Dinosaur Cupcake Sprinkles because my middle name is actually Godzilla. rawrgh!

  51. Oooh I’d be the Halloween cupcake sprinkles…..scary to look at but kind of sweet :D x

  52. What a great offer Just Bake cake decorating mail order website by Jo Shaw it is what I am looking for.

  53. I would be a mixture of all the toppings, as you never know what you are going to get from me!!

  54. I would be the Pink Sugar Heart Cupcake Sprinkles as I have a whole lots of love to give!

  55. I’d be Red, Yellow & Blue Star Cupcake Sprinkles because whether I’m happy, angry or sad I’d still be shining like a star :)

  56. I would have to be the butterfly sprinkles because, just like butterflies, I’m rarely seen in winter and then seen flitting about everywhere in summer trying to make the most of it!

  57. Id be the magic sparkles! Because of my surname my nickname is Moody Magic AND my favourite colour is green! They’re perfect for me! :)

  58. Mini Chocolate Bean Cupcake Sprinkles because I’m full off beans at the moment with the weather being so hot :)

  59. I would be a little star and could you let Ted know that I am with him on the sprinkle box, difficult to control but what the heck.

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