Home made Christmas gifts for foodies

Making home made Christmas gifts is far more satisfying than trudging through busy shopping centres. Here are lots of ideas of home made Christmas gifts for foodies.

home made Christmas gifts for foodies

Around this time each year I attempt to become Martha Stewart, vowing to make more of my Christmas gifts so I was delighted to be invited alongside Helen of Fuss Free Flavours to the Miele Experience Gallery in London for a day making Food for Gifts.

preserving fruit in alcohol Miele Christmas Cookery Class

Preserving fruit in alcohol

We started with some demonstrations in the show kitchen of what goes into preserving fruit in alcohol; flavouring oils and vinegars before splitting into two separate groups who would each make eight batches of four gift items so that everyone had one of everything to take home at the end of the day.

how to make home made chocolate truffles

How to make homemade chocolate truffles

We made two types of chocolate truffles; these are the dark ones – each ended up being rolled in various coatings. I must confess this photo above does make me laugh.

how to make sable biscuits how to make florentines

Sablé biscuits and florentines

Into those super duper ovens went the sable biscuit and florentines.

I nearly went crazy zesting enough lemons to make eight batches of lemon curd but it was all worth it to try out their genius method of making lemon curd in the microwave; the trick is to do it for short bursts on low power stirring in between. After about 12 minutes you have perfect lemon curd ready to seal into sterilised jars.

how to make biscotti

Home made Christmas gifts for foodies

All that remained was to package up our bounty with curling ribbon and cellophane wrap. We each took home one each of the various things we’d made:

Lemon curd
Onion marmalade
Dark chocolate truffles
White chocolate truffles
Spiced nuts
Sable biscuits in various flavours

I don’t think I’ve missed anything? Ooh, apart from a copy of Annie Rigg’s book, Gifts from the Kitchen, perfect inspiration for making home made presents.

The other thing I took home from this day was how much stuff it was possible to produce in one day; if you got organised with all your ingredients in advance, you could make a large amount of home made gifts all in one day for your own friends and family.

I actually attended this class as a guest of Miele shortly before last Christmas but they are running them this year too both in London and Abingdon, Oxfordshire as well as various other classes throughout the year. Read here for booking information on Miele’s forthcoming events, including Food for Gifts. As it’s a year later, the content of the class may have changed so check details before booking.

home made christmas gifts for foodies


  1. says

    Yes those truffles look a little odd, like something you need a poo bag for! However, I bet they tasted gorgeous! I know that approach of Christmas feeling when you think you can become Martha Stewart or even Delia Smith! I usually manage some shortbread and maybe the odd gingerbread man, my cake and that’s about it. Nothing to give away. Good luck with your pressie making.

  2. Jacqueline (CakeBoule) says

    Wow what a fantastic day you must have had – you made so much! All your Christmas pressies must be sorted now!

  3. says

    Sounds like a lovely day of baking and treats. Every year I vow to make things as gifts and invariably run out of time!

    Was slightly disturbed by the truffle picture though..

  4. says

    I think it’s so lovely to make edible gifts for people – I think people should do it more. Everything looks great – especially that lemon curd.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      How long do cookies keep? In a tin, probably ok for 7-10 days or more. In the bags they’d probably go soft quicker.

  5. says

    Great and lovely ideas! There’s nothing like a handmade gift. It shows true affection and love and willingness to sacrifice our own (precious) time instead of just paying for something in a store or – nowadays – online. I like to give jams made with fruits from my own orchard, pickles and chutneys made from my garden vegetables and other yummy treats and they’re always appreciated. Now I’ll try to do some of these wonderful delicacies.

  6. says

    Those pictures are so attractive and tempting… They could all pass as gifts for foodie lovers or, actually, anybody. Now, where are the recipes? Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.