Is Morrisons cheaper? Our mixed bag of bargains

Beautiful bunches of purple pink beetroot

A price war is looming… my theory is supermarkets want to maximise who shops where in the run up to trolley toppling splurges during the World Cup in June.

Morrisons have just launched their “I’m cheaper” campaign to lure us through their revolving doors in greater numbers.

With a near empty fridge and an invitation from Britmums to take part in their #MorrisonsMum campaign, I seized the chance to tot up at the till myself whether the bargains were real.

Morrisons Market Street baskets vegetable display #retail #shopping #supermarkets Morrisons tomatoes display #Retail #supermarkets #vegetables

Morrisons, much as I admire their stock, is not my regular supermarket. If it were closer it would be but apathy, one way systems and traffic tend to drive me elsewhere 90% of the time. This is a pity, since when I visit Morrisons I am invariably impressed with the produce on offer and the smaller bite taken out of my purse on leaving.

Market Street is where a visit to Morrison’s starts – I like the emphasise on fresh food when you arrive but do wish the meat wasn’t displayed in the opposite corner of the store.

Morrison’s has installed new whizzy misting devices to freshen salad leaves and vegetables, similar to those used in hotter parts of France. These add a certain theatre on entering the fresh produce area not to mention a strength of colour to food displayed there.

Morrisons trolley full of groceries with six year old

At the time of our visit, we’d not shopped for two weeks hence I bought more than usual. Probably now I won’t need to go again for two more weeks!

Our £120 trolley easily included enough ingredients to make and assemble:

Full bank holiday barbecue menu (see board below)
Indian “takeaway” for Saturday night
10 weekday lunches for me working at home
12 evening meals for 3
16 portions of desserts including a cheesecake, shop bought custard tarts and homemade fruit tart
Fruit for daily school snacks
Husband’s sandwich fillings for 2 weeks (ham, eggs, home made fish pate)
Supply of beer and Diet Coke
2 large bottles of Innocent orange juice
4 pints milk

Notable bargains included:

8 x cans Diet Coke £2.64 instead of being nearer to £4
1 litre Morrisons Olive Oil £2.19
Own brand sauces 55p
Cooked ham joint £5
Rowse honey £2
British Asparagus £2 per bunch
Kettle Chips 99p (cheaper than own brand equivalents)
Sourdough bloomer £1
500ml Onken yoghurt £1
4 x avocados 99p

What we didn’t include in our shop was stuff like cereals, cleaning products and toiletries. Because I buy those in bulk and didn’t need any at the moment.

Morrisons Curry Deal Saturday Night Takeaway Morrisons Curry Deal Saturday Night Takeaway

We were especially impressed with our Indian “takeaway” selection which we liked even more than our dearly loved equivalent from Waitrose.

Whilst we spent more on the Morrison’s Indian Takeaway selection – around £14 compared to the regular £10 deal from Waitrose – there was more food because we’d also picked up naan breads and chicken tikka on skewers. I ate the leftover naan bread with daal for lunch on Tuesday so again the food went a little further than usual.

#MorrisonsMum barbecue menu

On Sunday we prepared our first barbecue of the year – I’m not publishing pictures of everything here since some recipes may feature on other sites in the near future but above you can see our menu.

We were just 3 people so what we’d barbecued was actually enough for supper too. My husband likes to make the most of the hot coals and tries to barbecue everything in sight.

Morrisons Groceries ingredients for breaded garlic mushrooms Garlic Breaded Mushrooms Kettle chips and olive platter from Morrisons #snacks #crisps #appetisers Making home made burgers with kids

The breaded mushrooms were in fact inspired by an off the shelf equivalent in Morrison’s but I decided to do my own version at home.

My son loved this olive platter which we continued to snack on over the next few days. We made our own burgers from scratch using Morrisons’ reduced fat beef mince (12% one) – there were cheaper minces on sale but this type at £6 for two large packs was still good value.

Home made burgers

We have enjoyed some extremely tasty food since the barbecue – check out for instance my chargrilled asparagus salad published on BabyCentre today and watch out for some pleasingly salty basa fillets fried in butter with dry cure molasses bacon to follow shortly.

To top off our bank holiday barbecue we each squeezed in a slice of Morrisons’ chocolate muffin cheesecake. This picture below has been very popular on my Instagram and I can understand why!

Walthamstow is due to get branch of Morrison’s soon although the one way system and road layout will probably still make Chingford the quickest branch to reach from me.

The time taken to drive somewhere is huge influence on where I shop; generally I go to South Woodford or Highams Park rather than Walthamstow because I can get there quicker. I’ve never been a fan of deliveries – too many weird substitutions and doesn’t really save time – so how easily I can get to the store, how clean and well lit the store is, what the cafe and toilets are like are just as much factors for me as cost.

I think the most satisfactory way to shop is to rotate your visits getting what the best each chain has to offer. In Morrisons’ case, that’s a surprising variety of fresh produce, a broad selection of meat and fish and a store presentation that offers good deals without seeming to manipulate you into buying junk. I will make sure of being a #MorrisonsMum again soon!

Do you shop regularly at Morrison’s ? Would their “I’m Cheaper” price campaign tempt you back? What’s most important to you when choosing where to shop?

Morrisons Chocolate Muffin Cheesecake on Cornishware plate

With thanks to Britmums and Morrisons for supplying voucher towards this shopping trip. You can catch up with other #MorrisonsMum posts on the Britmums blog.


  1. says

    I love the Morrisons near us for all the ethnic ingredients you can buy and it is so well displayed in those misting fridges, it’s just like being in France where they are so much more the norm. I just wish it was closer, so don’t go as often as I would like. Love the look of your BBQ, what a feast!

  2. says

    I am a fan of morrisons – great post. I like their approach to freshness, makes you want to fill the trolley with salad.

  3. says

    We don’t have a Morrisons near us and must confess that I am a bit of a Waitrose addict but it certainly looks as though you got a great deal for the money. Your barbecue menu sounds fantastic and I had to laugh as my husband is exactly the same – even when BBQing for the two of us, he insists on cooking enough for the whole street to make the most of the hot coals!

  4. says

    We shopped at Morrisons last summer when we were camping in Dorset and it was our nearest supermarket. I adored the choice of fresh food on offer, and loved the misters around the fruit and veg… it is also cheaper too which is good. Our nearest Morrisons branches in West London are in pretty choppy areas however and a far cry from the lovely spacious out of town stores…. they’re poky and full of people buying cheap booze… not very appealing.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Hmm yes sounds like former Safeway branches like in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith… although I think the Hammersmith branch became a Sainsburys.

      Our Chingford branch does seem stuck in 1992.

  5. says

    I love Morrisons but sadly the bigger one of the two near here is nothing like it ought to be – I went in there only this week and the herbs were in an awful state, some had even turned black! The vegetables in general were in a poor condition and seriously you wouldn’t believe you were in a Morrisons store.
    That said the smaller one that’s nearer me is amazing with everything looking as fresh as it should be :)

  6. says

    You did get some bargains Sarah. I am the same, it is way the other side of the city, so madness to drive all the way out there. Because I am used to the supermarkets I go do more often, if I ever do get to Morrisons I wander around feeling a bit lost and not finding half of what I want.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Ah this is annoying when you’re not familiar and it takes very long time. My husband complains if that happens.

  7. says

    I’ve just moved nearer to a big Morrisons and have been impressed by the fruit and veg, bakery, meat and patisserie… however I don’t think it could ever convert me from Asda – overall Asda works out the cheapest for us and I’ve ended up concluding that the money saving element of Morrisons is in the bulk buy deals which as a two person household doesn’t end up being cost effective for us.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      I find Morrisons is better for single packs of fish/ meat fillets? And that you’re less likely to see deals such as buy £10 worth to save i.e. like the meat in Tesco/Sains/Waitrose.

  8. says

    My nearest supermarket is a Morrisons. I really do enjoy the fresh herb selection with the “fancy mister thing” (which is actually just standard across most North American grocer stores). I go to Morrisons for supplement shops (mainly things like eggs, flour, sugar etc, and get the occasional ready meal from there. I do prefer the fruit and veg at other larger supermarket chains though, as I prefer to buy organic and my local Morrisons doesn’t seem to stock much (if any) organic produce. Looks like you bought a fantastic selection of goodies though! Those burgers look pretty tempting!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      I think these mist thingies are going to take hold because Tesco had one in their Watford branch so if I’ve seen one in stores first time twice in same week everyone must be getting them soon!

      I’ve seen similar misters in France although only in hot areas, I find supermarkets fairly chilly as it is so didn’t think we’d need them.

  9. says

    I don’t shop at Morrison’s as Tesco is closer and I find that the prices fluctuate so much on a weekly basis that it’s really difficult to keep track of them. Tesco do offer a price match though, so if you could have got your shopping cheaper at one of the other big supermarkets they’ll give you a reduction on your next shop.
    I assume that the supermarkets must have very complicated pricing models in order to maintain their price competitiveness and profit at the same time.
    Looks like you got a good basket of goods for your money though :-)

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Yes the prices are all over the place, you’re right about that. I’ve seen Sainsbury’s bread flour fluctate between 60p and £1.50. You need a good memory and amazing mental arithmetic to keep ahead of their tricks!