Sweet Bitesize Bakes: the launch party


We’ve had a heat wave come and go since and the Sweet Bitesize Bakes book launch party at Penny Fielding’s Gallery in Walthamstow Village seems a lifetime away.

But I wouldn’t want you to miss out on seeing all the goodies I prepared for what turned out to be a day competing torrential rain and Andy Murray playing in the finals at Wimbledon, the first time a British player had done so since Fred Perry in the 1930s.

So I was up against some mighty distractions but happily I could rely on a loyal band of friends and followers to drop by, chat about the book, eat some cakes and raise money for Bliss all at the same time.

On the cake menu was a selection of items jointly from and inspired by the book:

…and here they all are below – I’ll leave you to guess which ones are which!



12 cup mini sandwich tin

These were made with a mini Victoria sandwich tin from Lakeland – how I dearly wish these wonderful things had been available when I was writing the book, it would have been perfect! You get a much better result with these than with the 2 inverted mini sponge sandwich method I used in the book (which you can of course still use if you don’t have one of these tins).








And finally a picture of my (rather tired and exhausted) self amongst the bakes – the photo was taken by Fuss Free Flavours Helen who tirelessly helped me for 48 hours leading up to the event as she did with some of the photo shoots in the book.

Big thanks also to Penny Fielding for the use of (the undercover part!) of her garden that day and Helen Smith of Eco Tea Cup Candles for the loan of her pretty vintage cake stands. Don’t they show everything off fabulously?

Finally, I am delighted to report that we raised £40 for Bliss during the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who attended!


If you are tempted to make your own Sweet Bitesize Bakes then RUCraft.co.uk are offering an exclusive Maison Cupcake Cake Decorating Pack including the book and various sugarcraft tools for the discounted price of £29.99.

I will be doing lots of posts over the next few months showcasing techniques from the book and how you can combine the content to create new baking projects – so if you’re new to collecting sugarcraft kit, this is the perfect place to start.

And finally, tell me, what would be your perfect sweet bitesize bake?

With thanks to Lakeland for the mini Victoria Sandwich tin.


  1. Rose says

    oh I do wish I had been able to come. Can I donate £5 to you for Bliss instead. ? love mom x

  2. says

    Well done Sarah, that looks like a mammoth bake and I am amazed you managed to do it all in only 48 hours. Everything looks so pretty. I’ve popped in twice now to the Waterstones near where I work to see if they had a copy of your book so I could take a peek, but no luck so far.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Hi Choclette, you need to ask them to get it in if it’s not there. Stores don’t tend to stock new writers unless people ask for them but then they’ll get two copies in to see if the other one sells too before stocking more widely.

  3. says

    I am bowled over by what you achieved for this event. You must have been working flat out but looking at your cakes and cookies, it was well worth all the hard work.
    I have tried out your gingerbread cookies this holiday and they were great, the children spent hours playing with the dough but it all got even in various biscuit shapes.
    Love the book and would recommend it to friends who love baking any day!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Thanks! I am dying to make cookies again after having no kitchen for nearly a month!

  4. says

    and I thought I did a lot of baking before my 40th birthday tea… this looks AMAZING. I will look out for your book and start asking for it in Waterstones :-). I tend to go for big rather than bitesize, but looking at these makes me think small is definitely beautiful. Congratulations.

  5. says

    Looking back this was just amazing – I am so glad I had the opportunity to taste some of them – I’ll give away one of my copy on my blog next week – You look so funny behind the cakes that is a sweet picture- welldone for all your hardwork.

  6. says


    Congratulations on the launch of your book. I am stunned by everything you made so beautifully for this event. I can only imagine how much effort went in to this.

    I can’t wait to start cooking from the book soon!

    Best, Charlotte