Recipe: mini lemon and Philadelphia whoopie pies

Lemon Whoopie Pies

Well I’d be telling fibs if I said these lemon whoopie pies came out of my new kitchen but after a month of building work, a week of Olympic guests and a week’s holiday in France with Siblu, I’m ready to get back to baking.

The thing is, a new kitchen feels like wearing new back to school shoes; all shiny and smart but awkward at the same time. I’m still finding boxes I’ve not unpacked yet, still retracing my steps back from drawers that don’t exist anymore.

I’m not ready to share pictures of the new kitchen yet as it’s all looking empty and unloved until I get baking again.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy these dinky lemon whoopie pies I’ve made for BabyCentre.

Ted has revelled in helping me organise the new cupboards. I couldn’t resist showing you this picture of him playing with my mountain of silicon bakeware!

Two blissful weeks of school holidays left which mean lots of fun for little people and very little work getting done by big ones. But I intend to enjoy every minute before I come back to you with recipes from my new kitchen and pictures from my holiday in France.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays too.

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