Christmas Pudding Christmas Cake Pops recipe

Christmas cake pops are here to stay; my version uses store bought fruitcake and spicy Maya Gold chocolate.

Fabulous Christmas pudding cake pops made from Maya gold chocolate and real fruitcake - full tutorial with step by step pictures

Christmas Pudding Christmas Cake Pops

I can’t possibly wait until December 25th for my Christmas pud and with these bitesize Christmas pudding cake pops you don’t have to.

These glittery and sparkly christmas pudding cake pops only require basic skills to get a professional effect.

Fabulous Christmas pudding cake pops made from Maya gold chocolate and real fruitcake - full tutorial with step by step pictures

They’ll make an awesome centrepiece for your holiday party table or you can give them as cute gifts.


We all love Christmas pudding in our house and I thought it would be fun to make Christmas pudding christmas cake pops.

Christmas cake pops

Made with fruit cake and dipped in Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate, they’re a bite size treat you can share with your friends throughout December.


How to make Christmas pudding Christmas cake pops

First take one bargain pre-made supermarket fruit cake.

I really don’t go in for making cakes that you’re soon going to….

Christmas-pudding-cake-pops Christmas-pudding-cake-pops

…mush up and mix with buttercream. This time of year is busy enough as it is!

Boozy brandy in the buttercream is positively encouraged if you are making these for grown ups.

Christmas pudding cake pop balls

Roll the cake and buttercream mix into balls and pop into the freezer for 20 minutes. No longer – unless you snigger want rock hard balls.

Melting chocolate in microwave Microwaved melted chocolate

Meanwhile melt a bar of dark chocolate in the microwave in a mug. Today I used Green & Black’s Maya Gold which has a perfect spiciness to go with Christmas pudding flavours.

That white stuff is a tablespoon of Trex or Cookeen (vegetable fat) that makes your dipping chocolate dip nice and smoothly.

Lolly sticks for Christmas cake pops

Grab some sticks. I like fat wooden ones like you used to get ice lollies on rather than airy fairy coffee stirrers pilfered from coffee shops.


And go dip!

Sadly I have only one pair of hands so I couldn’t take pictures of the actual dipping process today.

Push the pops into a block of florist’s oasis wrapped in film (or polystyrene) whilst the chocolate dries.

Mich Turner range vanilla sugarpaste

Silverspoon Designed by Mich Turner white icing

Meanwhile you can get going on the decoration.

Take some white sugar paste. Today I’m using this new Silver Spoon Designed by Mich Turner white icing which is flavoured with Madagascan vanilla adding to the Christmassy feel.

(I have some of this range to give away below so keep your eyes peeled!)

Renshaw green icing for Christmas cake pops

Renshaw ready to roll icings

And for the for the holly leaves and berries I am using Renshaw green and red icings which are super for modelling without the faff of having to add your own food colour to plain sugarpaste.


How to make Christmas pudding cake pops

Take a curvy flowery blossom cutter around 2 inches across; roll out a golf ball sized ball at once. These dinky non stick rollers and a non stick mat help stop your sugarpaste sticking to the table without needing to add extra icing sugar.


Flatten the shapes with your fingers and position on top of the cake pops.

I dabbed some royal icing on the other side. You could use squeezy tube writing icing if you didn’t want to make this although I find home made icing much easier to pipe out.

Christmas-pudding-cake-pops Christmas-pudding-cake-pops

Decorating Christmas cake pops

Then we make holly leaves. This holly leaf cutter was a bit big for what I needed so I turned the cutter round the other way to make smaller holly leaves.

Christmas-pudding-cake-pops Christmas-pudding-cake-pops

Use a spear modelling tool to engrave a spine down the centre; or you could gently score a line with a small knife so long as you take care not to tear the leaf.

Dab more royal icing (preferably same colour) to the underside of the one end of the leaves.

Christmas-pudding-cake-pops Christmas-pudding-cake-pops

Dot them on the top of the cake pops then pipe more blobs of green icing to affix the red berries on top.


So they start looking like this.


Edible red glitter on Christmas cake pops

Edible red glitter to roll your berries in isn’t compulsory but it does make your pops sparkle!

The most glittery one I’ve found is by Rainbow Dust. It’s like being at school again.



Fabulous Christmas pudding cake pops made from Maya gold chocolate and real fruitcake - full tutorial with step by step pictures

Now I’ve already said they smell great and I wish I could tell you what they taste like, really I do.

But tauntingly I’ve not been able to try one. (Well ok I did try a bit of the cake mix!)

Christmas pudding cake pops

And that’s because they’re not for me, not for anyone in my family, I’m not really sure who they’re for yet because I’ve made them to take to Let’s Make Christmas at Fortnums organised by Vanessa Kimbell taking place this Friday.

Vanessa, writer of Prepped, has cajoled and arm twisted (well probably it didn’t take that much persuading) about fifty squillion food bloggers to come the length and breadth of the country to get together at the Wombles’ favourite department store; Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly.

Christmas cake pops

And we have to arrive bearing gifts. It’s a kind of food blogger secret santa only probably without the secret bit if people have already blogged what they’re taking.

None other than baking supremo Dan Lepard himself will be judging who has made the best gift.

I can’t wait. I hope there’ll be sparkly stuff to drink.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas pudding Christmas cake pops guide.

Do share it with your friends on Pinterest or Stumble if you did.

Fabulous Christmas pudding cake pops made from Maya gold chocolate and real fruitcake - full tutorial with step by step pictures

Upon original publication, this post featured a giveaway which has now closed.




    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Thanks! Not sure I’d ever come across a cake pop made with fruit cake before so it seemed appropriate.

  1. says

    See you Friday Sarah! Not sure if I should bring along my Xmas Pudding Truffles too to my favourite London store of all time….. a double whammy of Cute Delights!!

  2. says

    These look amazing! I’m really loving cake pops at the moment. I think I would like a chocolate yule log as it’s not xmas without them or maybe a trifle. Is it possible?!
    Am seriously gutted I can’t make it on Friday especially when I keep seeing all the amazing things everyone is bringing. Have a great time and thanks for hosting another brillian giveaway. Fingers crossed :)

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Oh that’s a shame. We’ll try not to taunt you too much with all the tweets and pictures afterwards!

  3. Lorraine Bishop says

    It would have to be Yule Log for me, one of my favourite Christmas treats and they would suit this style

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Well this week maybe but there’s lot of non-fun stuff too :-(

      It’s ticket only on Friday so best tweet Vanessa and ask if any space.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Thanks! You’d probably do a better job of it than me, I make this stuff up as I go along.

  4. says

    these look so pretty Sarah, i’ve never been a huge fan of cake-pops but you make them looks so easy to do and so yummy, i’m really tempted to make some super-boozy ones for friends this Christmas!

  5. k dunn says

    those cake pops are beautiful! I keep meaning to make some but haven’t got around to it yet! love the fact that they not only look like christmas puddings but they would taste like them too!! ok what about orange cake pops! they always remind me of xmas…used to get them in my stocking!
    i can’t think of anything else the only thing that keeps popping into my head are brussel sprouts! yuck! and i don’t think anyone would fancy a brussel sprout cake pop~!!

  6. P Phillips says

    The cake pops look lovely I think I might have a go at making some of those, thanks for the clear instructions.

  7. Ileana F says

    Oh my goodness!! I LOVE these!! I am defo making them for Christmas. They remind me of Nigella’s little mini xmas puddings she made but I much prefer the idea of using fruit cake.
    I know its not technically a food but I would love to see little cake christmas trees on sticks with snow on them! It would look like such a festive forest!

    Fab giveaway xxx

  8. Gemma Harrison says

    Wow, these look so good and you make it look so easy. I really want to get into making cake-pops (my first attempt was really bad)I guess I just need time to practice.
    What a great give away, I have been thinking about getting some lustre spray for a while, it gives cakes and cupcakes that extra special look but haven’t had a reason for buying any.

    Oh and I would like to see a turky pops.

  9. toni austin says

    My sons love cake pops, it’s great because it stops arguments as you can make different flavoured ones and everyone’s happy

  10. Stephanie Cummins says

    OH WOW!!

    these are adorable!! so cute!!

    I would love to see some chocolate cake ones!! maybe with a sneaky bit of baileys in!!

  11. Bernie says

    Beautiful idea and something I will try with the kids in the run up to Xmas to get us all in the spirit of things!!

  12. Jo Young says

    Wow those cake pops are so cute my teenage daughter has already decided to try making them (but with sponge cake) to give to her friends for Christmas :)

    If I could see any Christmas food on a stick it would have to be my favourite yule log!


  13. Duncan says

    Wow, they look absolutely amazing, would love this! I would try that with gingerbread, like german Lebkuchen too :)

  14. says

    Wow, these are so gorgeous. I am only partway through making my gift and seeing as the standard of competition is so high, might just not bother :-(

    See you tomorrow at Fortnums. Can’t wait.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Oh no May! Don’t feel like that! I’ve only squished up a basic’s fruitcake and dunked it in chocolate after all!!

  15. laura cope says

    These are gorgeous I would like to see little mini white iced marzipaned xmas cakes with glitter topping,

  16. Natalie Hicks says

    Good idea using Christmas cake for Christmas puds! I’d love to see some mince pie cake pops.

  17. carole carr says

    pigs in blankets mmm P.S the cake pops look amazing I may have to make some and put them as a centrepiece on the party table christmas day!

  18. Karen Propes says

    I would like to try a cake pop with German Chocolate Cake, My Mom made it every year at Christmas, But wonder instead of the Fruit cake you crumbled how about a cookie, sugar, gingerbread. Sounds good I may have to try that.

  19. Jaki says

    I will be making these for the school Christmas Fete. Do you think the plastic lolly sticks would work as well? I am worried about them falling off! I would love to see chocolate orange cake pops!

  20. Katherine Aitken says

    These are great. Thanks for the instructions. I would love to see little Penguins as cake pops.

  21. Ruth K says

    Yummy :)
    How long would they keep do you think, because of the buttercream? I might make some as pressies but would probably need to substitute the buttercream to make them keep, any ideas?

    I’d liek to see mince pie flavoured stuff

  22. Sarah says

    These are so cute, I love the idea of using fruit cake & brandy buttercream, so Christmassy. I also fancy trying some kind of gingerbread & eggnog themed cake pop.

  23. Caroline Scott says

    mince pies – the only thing that I don’t like about them is that I can’t eat them all year round!

  24. Sarah Arnett says

    Firstly they look amazing and i will be giving it a go!
    I would like to see mince pies on a stick!

  25. says

    Wow these look so amazing! I’m making a christmassy cake this weekend with green holly leaves and red berries so a very timely tutorial – thanks!

  26. Fran Light says

    I’d like to see tiny mince pies (though I guess they’d have to be mince BALLS to go on a stick!) in cake pop form … they’d be the perfect size and format for dunking in cream :-)

  27. sophie williams says

    I’d like something that just tastes like Christmas, orange, mixed spice and a bit of booze :)

  28. sara davies says

    OMG I was just looking at a fab way of doing these for my sons school fayre next week but have never done them before…. I am so inspired that I am going to sign off now and go to the shops… I have to do them…. thank you so, so much.

  29. Adele Leek says

    I think it would have to be A Chocolate Yule Log sitting pretty on a stick, with sprigs of icing holly (including the berries of course) and lastly a light dusting of icing sugar.

  30. Vikki Measures says

    Wow they look amazing! I love the glitter on the berries. Can’t wait to attempt these myself xx

  31. margaret smith says

    I would like to see chocolate turkish delight somehow in a cake pop, as I have childhood memories of finding one in my stocking, I love the idea of the christmas cake ones too

  32. Bernice Mitchell says

    These look amazing.Perfect gifts for teachers, that my daughter can help with too. Thanks

  33. Jane Morrice says

    These look really cute. Sainsburys value christmas cake is excellent too, really good value for money and the cake is as good as one five times the price.

  34. Beverley says

    Those look just fantastic! I hope Dan Lepard chooses you as a winner – the appearance and idea alone is awesome! I’m going to have a go at these. I had some cake mix left and have a small (1 lbish) cake that I’ve not been sure what to do with. Now I know.

  35. Robyn Clarke says

    Fruit cake with a centre of Wensleydale with Cranberries, match made in heaven. I don’t think the chocolate coating would work with the cheese though.

  36. sue willshee says

    I absolutely love your idea for the cake pops. They look amazing! I’ve never been too keen on christmas cake and since being diagnosed coeliac I could only have a gluten free version anyway. So instead of the christmas cake pops I think I’d like to make these out of something like melon balls covered in choccie….oooohhhhhh must go and give it a try to see if it works! @piperanddaisy

  37. Tom says

    Christmas pudding, it wouldn’t need much to stick it together as it’s so moist and would be amazing covered in dark chocolate.

  38. Kim says

    Just for future reference, non-toxic and edible do not mean one and the same. Non-toxic simply means that if you eat it, it’s not poisonous. However, your body cannot digest it. It’s important to understand this because if people with certain stomach ailments were to eat things that the body cannot digest or has trouble digesting it can cause extreme pain or even infection which can lead to serious complications. While Rainbow Dust does have edible options, not all of their products are classified as such. Judging by the packaging in your photos, it looks to me like you used one of their non-toxic, not edible, glitter dusts. While most people do throw away fondant and sugarpaste decorations before consumption, it cannot be assumed everyone will. Thus, it’s important in the future to note to those you gift these to (and preferably when you blog, as well, for readers who may not know) that things decorated with these glitters are purely for looks and should be removed before eating.

  39. Tracey says

    I really want to make these!! – What do you mean by ‘buttercream’? Here in Australia that would mean buttercream icing; is that what you are referring to? Thanks :)