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Maison Cupcake has been published since 2009 and has:

  • 20,000+ page views per month
  • 1500 RSS subscribers
  • 600+ BlogLovin subscribers
  • 2000+ email newsletter subscribers
  • 7000+ Twitter followers
  • 2000 Google Plus followers (profile)
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Readers are 90% female (source: Facebook insights), 55% UK based with 30% of the rest from Ireland, the US, Canada and Australia.

A few achievements

  • AUTHOR of ‘Bake Me I’m Yours… Sweet Bitesize Bakes’ (David & Charles 2012).
  • WINNER in The BiBs Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2012 for “Best Tasty blog” (judged not voted)
  • Team blogger at BabyCentre UK publishing weekly posts since 2012.
  • Finalist in The MADs mum and dad blog awards 2011 and 2012 for “Best family food blog”
  • Listed 7th in Women & Home Magazine top 100 food blogs.
  • Listed in Channel Four Food’s “Best Baking Blogs”
  • No1 Cision’s Top 10 UK Baking and Confectionery Blogs December 2010 (currently No3)
  • No1 Cision’s Top 10 UK Food and Beverage Blogs December 2011
  • Highest Ebuzzing UK Gastronomy ranking #1 five times in 2011, typically inside Top 50.
  • Highest Tots 100 ranking, #2, typically inside Top 40 amongst 4k+ UK parent blogs.
  • Highest Foodies 100 ranking, #11, typically inside Top 20 amongst 2k+ UK food blogs.

The serious bit

Please bear in mind that Maison Cupcake is an independent monetised site that has required significant time and financial investment to create and incurs ongoing monetary costs and working hours to maintain its presence as a well ranked UK food blog. 

Therefore time spent creating commercially led content is considered according to the benefit received back.

That’s not to say I feature anything going because of whatever caboodle is sent out that week nor that I don’t feature brands I love off my own bat anyway. When I do feature commercial brands without any incentive, it’s entirely on my own terms,  not because I received a press release or entered a competition (more about those below).

I receive many enquiries on a daily basis and may not manage to answer those which are impersonal or irrelevant to my site.

Likewise if you’re a stranger angling for link exchanges or “guest posts” I am unlikely to reply.

Finally, a word about “exciting blogger challenges.” I will happily join in and generate content to promote commercial brands onsite or via social media but only in return for definite compensation for my time. I’ve done them for payment, for gadgets or for grocery vouchers but please don’t assume I will produce what is effectively a booked advert for your brand on my site for “fun” alone.  It doesn’t work that way here.

See also my disclosure policy which references my straightforwardness to give good or bad reviews as I see fit.



Last updated January 2014.

LINKS FROM THIS SITE are published or removed at my editorial discretion. Link requests alongside samples will be refused and brand mentions do not guarantee editorial links. Links where direct payment or samples are received are attributed nofollow; links may also be for brand affiliate programs. Requests to edit old links may result in material being removed completely.

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