(CLOSED) Giveaway #53: Boutique Baking by Peggy Porschen


Peggy Porschen’s new book Boutique Baking is a departure from her previous titles – rather than high end sugarcraft creations and celebrity style wedding cakes, the cakes in her new title are based on those sold in the Peggy Porschen Parlour.

The bakes are as exquisite as ever, Peggy is a baker who sets trends rather than follow them but there is plenty inside Boutique Baking for the less experienced baker to enjoy making without feeling intimidated.

There are tricks to vary things you may be baking already; Peggy’s tribute to the cake pop is served in an ice cream cone rather than on a stick, her macarons are cleverly feathered with food colouring streaked inside the piping tip. Cupcakes are obviously a huge seller in her parlour, my personal favourites here are the chic banoffee cupcakes with matching dark brown cases and blossoms and the Cosmo cupcakes based on the cocktail made with Cointreau.

Show stopper chapter has to be “luscious layer cakes” – Peggy presents a series of three layered cakes in an elegant 6 inch size. The piping on the Glorious Victoria Cake is effortlessly simple – I saw her demonstrate icing this cake at the Squires Sugarcraft Show where the room was packed full 45 minutes before the start time, such is her popularity amongst baking fans.

My standout cakes in the book are the raspberry and rose dome cake – I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more cakes this shape soon, the white chocolate passion cake decorated with birthday candles and triple berry cheesecakes. The whole thing is topped off with recipes for drinks from the parlour such as pink lemonade (it has to be pink if it’s at Peggy’s) and hot white chocolate with vanilla. With the recent hot weather I am especially desperate to try her summer berry ice tea.

Some recipes in the book use Peggy’s own jam range as ingredients although you could substitute with others. You could always though, if you’re near London, use it as an excuse to drop by the Parlour and buy some.

I baked a cake from Boutique Bakes last week and will be blogging it soon – needless to say I could do with some more Peggy Porschen classes as my buttercream was nowhere near as slickly applied as hers but I am looking forward to practicing some more!

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  1. Karin says

    I want to open a cake shop myself someday, so this book is really necessary to improve myself and get ready for that! Thank you, Peggy! You’re so inspiring!

  2. says

    My most glamourous cupcake would resemble a handbag! It would vanilla with a pink casing and filled with a strawberry butter cream. It wouls have glittery pink sprinkles on the top, and the handle would be made from pink royal icing!

  3. says

    I’m obsessed with ruffled cakes! Also, cutting into a cake to reveal rainbow or ombre layers never gets old.

  4. Katie says

    The most glamorous cake for me at the moment is the wedding cake I made for a friend recently, 5 tiers, covered with sugarveil lace and lots of sugar roses.

  5. Nikki says

    Chocolate cake shaped like a top hat with a big bunch of colourful flowers on top. Would keep all the adults and kids entertained for hours 😉

  6. Diana Cotter says

    I’ve always fancied a Cinderella pumpkin coach, complete with white horses and ballgown.

  7. Maggie says

    I would like it to be painted with gold lustre and decorated with some crystals.


    Im wanting to start to make cakes and cupcakes but just dont know where to begin it all looks so complicated tbh so would love to win this book :) xx

  9. Phyllis Ellett says

    A big cone, with different coloured and flavoured spirals twisting to the top.

  10. Anschel G says

    Day of the dead Scull cake with many colourful flowers, butterflies & bugs.

  11. Hayley Fountain says

    my cake would have birds and flowers on it. Sort of like a vintage theme.

  12. says

    I would just like to make a very pink cake for my little girl, which I am repeatedly failing at- pink sponge, pink buttercream, pink icing, pink glitter and sparkles.

  13. says

    I would love to be able to decorate cakes well – even simply. But, as my art teacher at school once said “she tries hard but lacks any natural talent”.

    My most glamorous would be done Marilyn Monroe style with lots of floaty layers that just scream feminine beauty.

  14. says

    My most glamourous cake would be a three tier chocolate cake with gold leaf, spun sugar and shaved rolls of chocolate – oh my that sounds good lol!

  15. Claudette Spiers says

    A cake in the shape of a jewellery box full of edible glamorous goodies….

  16. says

    A 3 layer cake, covered with raspberry buttercream, with chocolate ganache dripping down the sides. And topped with raspberries/strawberries/mint leaves. :)

  17. Nathalie Taylor says

    It would be a cake decorated with lots of edible flowers in soft pastel colours

  18. Rebecca Austerberry says

    A burlesque style cake, black and bright pink with feathers and flowers and sparklers!!

  19. olivia kirby says

    It would look like a lighthouse, i have a thing about lighthouses, and would be covered in cream and strawberries!

  20. says

    The most glamourous cake?? Hmm triple choclate mousse covered with chocolate strawberries of course! LOL not sure what happened there! Never mind – it will be up in the next few weeks.

  21. Hannah Moody says

    My most glamorous cake would be a 3 tiered cheesecake – baked to perfection.. with flavours such as honeycomb, blueberry and lemon :)

  22. Danielle Vedmore says

    A five layer chocolate and raspberry cake with gold leaf and sparklers! xoxo

  23. Hazel Christopher says

    Mine would be in the shape of a huge champagne glass with champagne truffles to decorate :)

  24. Debbie Davis says

    A Round layered chocolate cake, with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache icing. Decorated with a little bit of mint leaves and fresh raspberries in top.

  25. Ashleigh says

    white chocolate decorated with chocolate cigarellos and curls and topped with fresh berries

  26. melanie stirling says

    It would have to be made from lots of chocolate for a start and have cherrys on it,a glamourous black forest gateau :)



  28. laura jones says

    A towering chocolate cake with gold coated coffee beans and the finest belgian chocolate coating

  29. Debbie Walker says

    A five tiered fruit based cake on an staggered chrome stand iced in crisp white icing and decorated with sugared red roses and deep blue violet sugar flowers and white lilies flowing down from the top tier and cascading over the sides. Discrete scatering of edible diamonds throuhgout in celebration of the diamond jubilee

  30. laura evans says

    A giant melt in the middle chocolate pudding with chocolate drops and milky bar buttons to decorate, also chocolate swirls, silver glittery edible stars and edible mini lily flowers in white chocolate mmmmmm gonna be dreaming of that now :) and maybe a shimmery cream coloured ribbon around the bottom of it :) Perfic!

  31. Cheryll H says

    It would be pink, probably strawberry flavoured, and decorated with lots of very silver, VERY glittery decorations :) @pipersky1 (ps. I am describing a cake that I think my girls would enjoy the most nnot me. Honest.)


    the Blackpool tower – I’ve visited Paris 4 times and never made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower – the Blackpool tower is the closest I’ve got!!

  33. Naomi says

    A massive chocolate cake shaped like a princesses castle with little people on top and lots of chocolate flakes! Mmmmm

  34. Fran Light says

    A three tier white chocolate and raspberry sponge cake covered in white icing BUT at the back there would be a Lego scene with Lego ‘builder’ figures and where they had ‘peeled’ back the white icing there would be a ‘wall’ of multi-coloured icing (to look like a wall made of Lego)!
    To add extra interest I’d have Lego figures doing funny things on the rear side of the cake – maybe one abseilign down the cake, another about to hang glide off it … you get the picture!!
    From the from the cake would look ‘normal’ – maybe some simple red ribbon around it as ‘dressing’ but seen from the back it would be Legotastic!!

  35. Sarah Hardy says

    Its sunny today so : 4 layers of hazelnut meringue sandwiched with whipped cream with crushed raspberries and decorated with candied roses and gold leaf…

  36. Susan Ransome says

    2 tiers of white and dark chocolate cake covered in white chocolate buttercream and decorated with fresh white roses!

  37. Jan Beal says

    I would have three layers of white cake flavoured with lavender covered in white fondant icing and decorated with crystalised rose and violet petals,

  38. says

    It would have to be a layer cake – 3 or maybe even 4 layers with buttercream icing and a pretty pattern piped on the cake possibly with some sugarpaste decorations as well.

  39. liz denial says

    As 2012 is a great year to be British mine would be topped with white frosting, strawberries & blueberries

  40. Rachael Simmons says

    My wedding cake – in the shape of a beautiful birdcage with mint green interior and white piping, with tiny sugar birds perched on it. It is the only glamourous cake I will ever have, and I can’t wait! 😀

  41. Janice Davison says

    It would look it a cheque for £1M. We’ll what has more glamour than that.

  42. Marie says

    I’d just re-create my wedding cake, three tiered fruit cake with ivory icing, deep purple ribbons around each tier, with a big bow on one “blinged” out with a sparkly silver brooch. And covered in edible glitter!

  43. Veronica brown says

    I’d have a cake filled with cream and strawberries, topped with the same and chocolate shavings.

  44. Carol Peace says

    My cake would be a bling bracelet with diamonds and aquamarines on a very slender arm/hand.

  45. angela sandhu says

    It would definately have lots of layers with fresh cream and fresh strawberries. Decorated with lots of little flowers and fresh fruit

  46. Helene Ito says

    A tiered cake covered in light blue fondant with white friezes, Wegdwood style. Regency glamour.

  47. Jen Boucher says

    A chocolate tier cake with strawberries and little spun butterflies around it.

  48. Emily Nelson says

    Simple, But unique. Probably light pink, with fluffy icing, and Silver candy balls to top!

  49. JoJo Young says

    I love the look of the multi layered rainbow cakes and it would be decorated with simple white frosting!

  50. Karen Barrett says

    Mega large pink fluffy cupcake in a butterfly case, chocolate wings and lots and lots of glitzy sparkly sprinkles.

  51. says

    The Monaco skyline on a cake made of layers of chocolate, lemon and vanilla cake sandwiched with champagne cream and studded with little sugar figures of supercars, people draped in designer clothes and jewellery, twinkling lights and palm trees. Inside the cake would be hidden a few little gifts – diamond earrings, Mont Blanc pen, that sort of thing!

  52. Mickie Bull says

    A tiered cake, each tier covered with either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla frostings and adorned with fruit and flowers.

  53. lorraine polley says

    an exact copy of the Taj Mahal, went to a wedding years ago and this was the cake the bride had ordered and it was absolutely fantastic

  54. Lynda Sanderson says

    A cake made with love …………… but light and fluffy with fresh fruit and whipped cream to give colour and moisture.
    Then time to enjoy with a nice cup of coffee for me but I would offer tea to others

  55. elaine stokes says

    a multi layer cake, filled with cream and srawberries, then covered with more cream

  56. Stephanie Tsang says

    Mine would be a simple 3 tier cake, covered with fondant and beautiful sparkly fondant flowers and butterflies.

  57. jo williams says

    Ooh mine would be a strawberry and champagne cake with a bit of edible glitter and gold leaf to decorate!

  58. Emma Wolski says

    My fave an iced fruit and marzipan goal filled with chocolate footballs just for my boyfriend! Pleases us both!

  59. Eleanor Powell says

    it would have cream coloured vanilla icing with chocolate leaves and edible gold glitter

  60. Hayley Todd says

    It would be a beautiful 4 tiered cake covered in white icing and intricately decorated with miniature tea-roses in pale pink and highlighted with silver frosting. The top of the cake would be decorated with a stunning sugar-paste miniature rose arbour surrounded with cascading tea-roses which fell down the cake in a waterfall effect!

  61. Lucy Pasifull says

    My cake would look like lace, totally white and delicate on the outside, but inside it would be a rainbow layer cake.

  62. Michelle Rayner says

    A giant cupcake with lashings of pink icing and sugar glitter and silver balls

  63. Rachael Barratt says

    I am definitely not the world’s most glamorous baker, but I try my best! I would bake a red velvet cake with white icing and silver stars and pink glitter!

  64. sue willshee says

    My most glamourous cake would be completely covered in white rose petals with a yellow tinge around their edges (made from icing of course). The cake would have a yellow / gold silky ribbon around the middle and be topped with white and yellow rosebuds.

  65. kristy brown says

    I would have a beautiful princess tower with a lovely rose garden around the bottom and Rapunzel sitting in the window!

  66. Fiona says

    Strawberry Cheesecake cupcakes with pink and white swirled icing. Topped with crushed biscuits and a strawberry!

  67. Alison Green says

    Chocolate inside and chocolate/coffee ganache in and over it mmmm. Gotta serve it with thick double cream or if feeling really decadent clotted cream.

  68. Carol Masterton says

    It would be black and white as I find this really elegant. Infact it would be very similar to my wedding cake, subtle black swirls with the odd small black butterfly. Maybe not the corpse bride and werewolf on top though!

  69. Gabriela says

    My cake would be chocolate and berries, maybe some crushed meringue inside and chocolate mousse.

  70. Judith Allen says

    Pecan divinity cake – gorgeous and looks pretty glamorous. Covered in lots of white american frosting, and when you cut into it lots of layers and more frosting.

  71. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    My most glamourous cake would probably be burned on the top, with huge cracks in and then all held together and disguised with a splodge of butter icing. This is why I need a book! Thanks for the competition!

  72. amanda says

    classic white with a pearlized frost of light edible sparkle in pale greens and pinks. circular on a stand , a group of dark choc truffles with a white choc coating and a milk choc linear drizzle piles like profiteroles in the center and a broad old gold ribbon in a simple bow around the waist of the cake. nothing more , cake , icing, ribbon, truffles, glitter, classic!

  73. JILL MANN says

    A cottage like in the Hansel and Gretal story – covered in jelly beans liqurice allsorts and chocolate buttons – Yum xx

  74. Lisa Pope says

    Mine would be a tier of cup-cakes each with a different fashion house logo

  75. Emma Thompson says

    It would be very decadent looking and simply beautiful, perhaps with wild flowers and lavender, White chocolate and Raspberry. :)

  76. Laura Martin says

    My favourite cake is chocolate with mint filling and icing and would love to make it look more exotic and professional…tastes great though

  77. Jenny Rogers says

    Three tiers, each covered with a mixture of plain, milk and white chocolate curls, interspersed with lemon roses – some real flowers, some made of icing.

  78. Foz says

    I would make the biggest, most decadent cake…covered with coloured sugar and diamonds.

  79. vharlotte r says

    my most glam cake would be the shape of a heart & have the entire top of the cake covered in while chocolate and buttercream roses in pink and white and edible glitter

  80. Sheri Darby says

    lots of cream and fruit – I’m not artistic – so I’d let nature do the design

  81. Emma j Lowe says

    sadly i aint that good of a cake maker. i know its basic, but i would make a nice victoria sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream filling.

  82. jae baker says

    lije it had just come from tiffany’s a stack of boxes with wild flowers falling around it

  83. Dawn Jones says

    Layered with dark, milk and white chocolate and chocolate buttons to finish.. Yum yum