Review: Maison Larnicol, Saint Malo

This giveaway is now closed. The winner was Becca Rothwell, London.

Today we go to chocolate heaven and back.

On day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, we have the wonderful Green & Black’s Ultimate Chocolate Chef Gift Set RRP £30 comprising:

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Stylish black Green & Black’s apron

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You can out how to enter or use the discount code at the bottom of this post but first I’m going to show you a chocolate and biscuit shop that I could quite happily be locked into and never let out.

This place is truly wonderful. I discovered it on holiday this summer in St Malo, Brittany.

It’s called Maison Larnicol and sells a fabulous range of sweet treats. I was stamping around St Malo in the footsteps of the delightful and hopelessly chocolate addicted Kerrin of My Kugelhopf who had seduced me with her posts Salted Butter, Sugar and Oh some Flour too and Got Milk? That’s All You Need in search of the Maison du Buerre and other Kerrin haunts.

She never told me about Maison Larnicol so today I attempt to out Kugelhopf the Kugelhopf but I’ll never top those blog post headlines *must try harder*.

It’s a dark little shop with wall to wall wooden cabinets of buttery Breton biscuits and chocolate and serve yourself tongs to fill up your paper bags. Think “scoop and save” but classy.

Not only do they sell macarons but chocolate grand pianos.

And chocolate SHOES. Who needs Laboutin eh?

“Les Chocolates Self Service”. I love it when the French adopt English words as their own, like le weekend although it too me a while to realise that om-bugger was not something rude.

Les Galets. AKA big fat discs of chocolate with fruit and nuts on them. Which count towards your five-a-day.

These ones look more like olives than olives do.

And some massive coloured meringues. Must make these some day.

Sucette, French for lollipop, is a word that always makes me snigger and never more so than at the sight of these little chaps.

Swoon. The Kouignette. These ones are blackcurrant cassis flavour. Here is one I took home up close:

With a bite taken out, just to taunt you.

These are pistacho flavour kouign amanns. Read Kerrin’s piece for the low down on what these babies are all about. Detailed research is not my strong point right now.

Is this the way to St Malo-rillo?

Gulls egg chocolates and rocher – not to be confused with the Ferrero variety.

Inside the gull’s egg. Caramel. Chocolate down fingernails too. Which proves I was enjoying myself.

Macaron chocolate artist’s palette

Framboise macaron heaven, quite possibly my favourite macaron ever. Photographed for posterity.

And hey who’s this? The little boy who fortunately for me, prefers Kinder Surprise.

Maison Larnicol 6 Rue St Vincent, 35400 Saint-Malo, France

Now it’s time to give away some chocolate.

Green & Black’s Ultimate Chocolate Chef Gift Set Giveaway

There is one mandatory way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.

This giveaway is open to readers with UK mailing addresses. Readers from overseas are welcome to enter provided they can give the UK mailing address of a friend to receive the gift on their behalf with any onward delivery being at their own cost.

The winner will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post on this blog – the winners of several of the 12 giveaways will be will announced together across 2-3 posts according to their closing dates.

To win this Green & Black’s Ultimate Chocolate Chef Gift Set you need to:

1. Mandatory. Leave a comment at the end of this post telling me your favourite item shown on Green and Black’s Direct.

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You must leave a further separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they cannot be selected in the draw.

Closing date: midnight GMT on Monday December 13th 2010.
The winner will be notified by email. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

But that’s not all.

Maison Cupcake readers visiting Green & Black’s direct can get 10% discount on orders when you quote CUPCAKE10. Discount is valid until the end of this year and excludes costs of postage and packing.

Good luck everyone!

Prize sponsored by Green and Black’s.

Also up for grabs during the Maison Cupcake 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways:

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and more!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see which prize is next!


  1. wendy mcdonald says

    That hamper does look amazing…but a dozen bars of their Espresso Chocolate would be on a level pegging! Beautiful post too!

  2. says

    Ooooh! What an A-MA-ZING shop, I want a sucette! My favourite thing on G&B is the Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Gift set; my two favourite things together.

  3. HANNAH EVANS says

    I love the NEW Ultimate Chocolate Recipe Gift Box – my best friend uses Green and Black’s recipes and I have to say her deserts are out of this world!

  4. Carole Paton says

    Espresso Chocolate here. UK is awful for coffee flavour products and this is one of the best available!

  5. says

    I love the look of the The Miniature Collection Library – it loks so pretty with every bar in though, I’d feel awful spoiling it by eating them! Maybe I’d be better with loose bars instead!

  6. says

    Woo hoo, talk about being a kid in a candy store!!! That place looks fab!
    Had a look at the G&B website, and the thing I’d most like is the ultimate chocolate hamper. No surprise there, eh?

  7. says

    Ok first things first. My favourite item on the Green & Blacks site is obviously the ultimate Christmas hamper! What more could you want. Second that shop. It’s amazing. I can’t even imagine finding such a place. Makes me want to go to St Malo now! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Alison says

    You made me hungry looking at your blog post above, wow, what a shop. My favourite item has to be the ultimate christmas hamper on the green and blacks siet, I mean wow

  9. mazz mullarkey says

    My favourite is the Assortment & Rose Wine.
    Choccy & wine, well you can’t go wrong with the
    both of them!
    Or, they would make a wonderful gift to someone,
    or maybe not! :)


  10. Sharon Hingley says

    My favourite would have to be the Chocolate Sharing Collection , perfect for the whole family and an ideal way to try all the yummy products.

  11. says

    I am one big fan of Green and Black and my favourite item would be Christmas Ultimate Chocolate Hamper. Love your post and images especially the Macaron chocolate artist’s palette.

  12. Penelope Jenkins says

    My favourite are the Green and Black wedding favours – wish I’d had them at my wedding!

  13. Sharon says

    I’m going to say the recipe book because I’m learning to cook and I want to learn how to make something with chocolate. Then indulge myself as I devour more chocolate from their website. G&B may go out of stock thanks to me :).

  14. says

    I think my favourite item on Green and Blacks direct is actually the one you have to give away, the Ultimate Chocolate Chef! That would make a perfect Christmas present for my sister as she’s a huge huge fan of the first Green & Blacks book and I’m sure would love the apron and chocolate too!

  15. MARK THOMAS says

    I love reading about the indulgent Chocolate gifts .Giving them as a special gift brings alot of pleasure .

  16. says

    It has to be the chocolate bar collection. My bespoke personal ‘collection’ would be butterscotch, ginger, cherry and mint (for a Christmassy feel only you see.)


  17. says

    Tough choice, but I’ve wanted the Ultimate Cookbook for ages, the cover is beautiful and the inside makes me want to quit my degree and become a chocolatier. Or whatever a chocolate-making-person is called.

  18. Sue Cook says

    The Christmas Chocolate Draw, it would be my idea of a heavenly present and very welcome, hope my hubby is reading this.

  19. Elizabeth Smith says

    I’m leaning towards the “Sixty Miniatures” because I can virtuously eat one bar at a time. Well…OK it’s because I’m a glutton and can’t on just one thing!

  20. says

    Oh, how wonderful! I’d go for the bespoke Chocolate Hamper…..who wouldn’t want to choose what goes into their own G & B hamper. They have 60 miniatures. 60!
    Am a follower and have tweeted @domesticgoddesq

  21. Emily Hutchinson says

    It’s got to be the Ultimate Chocolate Hamper – even I couldn’t eat that lot in one go 😉

  22. Susie Jones says

    It would have to be the Butterscotch bar, it’s my favourite chocolate – I love the molasses flavor, it’s rich and buttery and oh so yummy!


  23. Sarah Laycock says

    The Butterscotch Organic chocolate – nibbly and crunchy with all those gorgeous buttery bits!

  24. Ella says

    I would LOVE the Christmas Ultimate Chocolate Hamper! Hampers are great at Christmas but a hamper filled with chocolate…YUM!

  25. Emma L Clarke says

    I love the Christmas Chocolate Drawer (who wouldn’t?).
    I have tweeted also – emma1111111

  26. says

    As much as I love G&B chocolate AND I do, I’d really like a copy of their book.

    Your chocolate shop find looks amazing- I don’t remember coming across anything like this in Brittany.

  27. Mr T says

    So many nice things to choose from but the christmas chocolate table collection looks very good.

  28. says

    Shall try to win this as a gift for someone I know will love it…
    I think my favourite on that site is the collection of bars, the biggest one of course.

  29. says

    My favourite is the butterscotch bar – I’ve stopped buying it as I can’t resist scoffing the lot!
    BTW how FABULOUS was that shop. It’d be worth travelling just to spend a couple of days eating your way round it and then heading (waddling!) home, most likely wearing elasticated trousers

  30. says

    oh what a delicious, buttery, sweet, fantastic post !! thanks for the mention above, and i am so glad you discovered all those amazing treats that you did. HOWEVER [she says with a big grin]… you’ll have to try again, “to out kugelhopf the kugelhopf” ! LOL !!! go back to my kouign amann post ( and read the comment from pierre… about me in the kouignette shop — that’s larnicol ! he’s from that region and we went to the one in pont aven – heaven ! i only didn’t mention it to you because i didn’t know they had a shop in st malo. i may have to revisit my photos and do a nostalgic sweet post dedicated to you on it !! 😉

  31. Fiona Maclean says

    The Christmas Ultimate Chocolate Hamper – it’s everything a girl needs for christmas!

  32. Jo Bryan says

    Yum both my favorite treats in one pack. White Wine & Milk Chocolate Collection, has to be a favorite.

  33. Rebecca Murphy says


    Christmas Chocolate Mini Collection – is my favourite item from G&B: there’s something for everyone!

    Would love to win the Christmas Ultimate Chocolate Hamper.


  34. Patricia Edwards says

    The christmas Chocolate Drawer, how exciting to open it up and pull out a different flavour every day. Am following

  35. Fiona Fowkes says

    Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Collection – what’s not to like – 2 of my fave things! Just need the chocolate shoe as per the blog to make my evening perfect! xx

  36. holly king says

    Chocolate wedding favour – great idea my mum is getting married so i will point her to your website

  37. Julie Johnson says

    Green & Blacks Christmas Draw, plenty of chocolate for me, I may share but who knows, ha ha

  38. Robyn Clarke says

    As a selfconfessed chocoholic, my favourite is definately the Christmas Ultimate Chocolate Hamper

  39. SUSAN HALL says

    Ultimate Chocolate Recipe Gift Box – i love Saint-Malo – even more now!!! cant wait to go back missed this last timer i was there!

  40. Phil Milbourne says

    Easy. It has to be the Bespoke Chocolate Hamper Service – deciding what to leave out is the hard part.

  41. Liz Rodgers says

    Christmas Chocolate Drawer just HAS to be my favourite. I was fortunate enough to receive one once – bliss!!!!!

  42. foz says

    Everything on this page is a visual treat! But I must say my favourite is the artists palette of macaroons! Love it!