Pinning and pining for Lovely Things in Jars


When you’re up close getting your hands dirty with social media all day long, you take it for granted people know about wonderful stuff already.

I was chatting to an offline friend last week and she had never heard of Pinterest.

“Oh it’s wonderful!” I told her. “You’d love it!”

You “pin” (click with mouse) your favourite pictures to “boards” (virtually) and other people can look at them (on t’internet).

I have been using Pinterest sporadically for around 12 months but have made more of an effort with it in the past 2 months or so. Definitely the more you use it, the more you get out of it.

I manage most of my Pinterest activity on the iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Whenever I have a few moments doing nothing I pin a few pics rather than diving on Twitter. It’s become my favourite activity at the hairdressers, waiting for Chinese takeaways or tube trains.

I create new Pinterest boards whenever I spot a particular trend and I’ll collect pictures of different examples of it: for instance I have boards of ombre cakes, ruffled cakes, cakes with things hidden inside them. That kind of thing.

Then the people at Pinterest asked me if I’d like to share my favourite board with new UK Pinterest registrants and I knew just which one to pick straight away: Lovely Things in Jars.

My Lovely Things in Jars board is anything behind glass that you can eat. There are desserts, jellies, cheesecakes, verrines and even some preserves, chutneys and pestos. If it’s lovely and it’s in a jar and I want to remember it, that’s where I post it.

If you’d like to join me pinning some of the lovely things you see around the web – whether they’re in jars or not – then sign up for Pinterest HERE :-)


Pin It Forward UK 2013
In return for my lovely boards being shown to new registrants to Pinterest I’m taking part in Pinterest’s Pin it Forward Campaign to help promote Pinterest in the UK. I’m passing the baton onto tomorrow’s Pin it Forward Blog, Jennifer and Matt’s Food for Friends Yeah! who will be promoting their Food for Friends Yeah boards.


  1. Aya @sukarah says

    Am not i the UK, but am a huge pinterset fan. I cant remember what life was before pinterset was founded. Ever since i started using it, it has become my google for searching for recipes, styles, diy etc… I really hope more people would get on pinterset. Your post is great for shedding the light on it.

  2. Sara says

    What a scrumptious looking board! It’s great to hear that you find Pinterest useful even on the go.. :) #PinItForwardUK!