Review: Morphy Richards Daily Loaf breadmaker

Morphy Richards Daily Loaf Machine

A guest review by Rose, my latest as part of the Morphy Richards Home of the House Proud Innovator’s Scheme.

Having received and reviewed the Morphy Richards Accents One Cup – and still loving it, I was taken with how Morphy Richards produces smaller and “boat friendly” kitchen items that really suit a scaled down lifestyle. Hence my jealousy with Sarah’s larger Morphy breadmaker that she has reviewed before.

Imagine my delight when research revealed a much smaller Morphy Richards Daily Loaf breadmaker designed to produce just a 1lb loaf, in a machine barely larger than a toaster. Aimed at one or two people, who want to prepare a smaller than average loaf, on an almost daily basis. Before you buy one, consider is this size loaf big enough for you?

I read the leaflet, and bought the basics. Strong bread flour, skimmed milk, and fast acting yeast. I set about my first ever loaf; I did a plain white one. It was amazing. You HAVE to follow instructions to the letter, but I loved the result. Perfect texture, and cut really well. Not heavy, just tasty. I was surprised.

It will do dough for pizzas, or just mix and knead, so you can take the dough out and cook it as rolls in the oven. It does do gluten free, but I haven’t tried yet. You can use breadmaker recipes from a book, but suggest you get used to teh leaflet recipes first. Full cycle takes 90 mins. There’s a fast setting of just over an hour, but that produces a slightly heavier texture.

OK the paddle gets stuck in the bread every time, not just occasionally as they say, but its’s so easily removed with the handy little hook provided it scarcely matters. My second loaf bore no resemblance to bread, as I forgot the yeast, but subsequent ones have been exceptional, and I really don’t buy bread any more. I’ve tried a ready mixed pack, sun dried tomato and cheese, which is good when you can’t be bothered to even weigh stuff; and a raisin one. I am in love with this machine, and will not be parted from it!

So long as you are sure this really is big enough, its a wonderful little gadget.

Pros and cons of Morphy Richards Daily Loaf breadmaker

• The measuring beaker provided has marked levels but they are very difficult to read. I have put stickers on mine to make it easier.
• There is no timer to count down. It switches off but you have to note when its likely to, so can’t for example set it to come on and off while you’re out or in bed.
• As you need to add the ingredients in order, you could do with having 2 of the teaspoon sized measures, else you have to wash and dry it after the oil, to add the yeast. ( you could get your own extra measures)
• It’s a nuisance that the beater sticks in it, but it really is easy to remove with the supplied hook.
• Recipe leaflet is informative and contains everything, but a small book would look better and easier to use . Better still laminated cards.
I really can’t think of any other cons.

• Small loaf so you can eat it all and not throw any away. Fits in a sandwich bag with a zip top, and store in fridge.
• Stays fresh when correctly stored, longer than I thought it would. Several days.
• Machine is quiet
• Quick production, and very easy to use.
• Seems to work fine with pre mixed packs, just make sure of the amount. ( ie use half a small bag and reduce water accordingly)
• Fits easily on worktop, or I’ve put mine on top of the microwave.

Morphy Richards “Daily Loaf ” is on sale at most electrical suppliers or online for between £45- £50 pounds. With thanks to Morphy for the review model.


  1. says

    I love the look of this breadmaker. I’ve always wanted to buy one but haven’t the space for something huge on my worktop. Even though we are a bread-scoffing family do you reckon it would work for a daily loaf? (we might just have to eat a bit less!)

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Tara, you need to decide the benefit of fresh home made bread versus loss of space. I actually keep my (larger) bread maker on a low shelf near the power socket and stand it on the floor plugged in overnight when baking the bread. Then the next day I put it away again!

  2. Rose says

    We actually find the homemade bread is more filling and satisfying. If doing a round for sandwiches for example, you’d probably find you just need two slices, plus a nice topping or salad…whereas the bought fluffy stuff you’d easily eat four.

  3. says

    Breadmakers rock. They save a fortune and are usually, depening on your ingredients nutritionally superior. I replace water with milk (and sometimes eggs) and always combine different bread flours for really interesting, filling mixtures. I am proud to say my kids prefer mine to shop bought bread (bribery not involved. I would always compromise on space to have mine at hand, it’s one of my best used gadgets.

  4. says

    We’ve had this bread maker for quite a while now and love it. With just two of us it’s the perfect size loaf, and it’s just as well because the bread tastes so good it would be so easy to eat toast and butter all day!
    I have experimented with using less sugar and salt, and I also put the oil in last to avoid issues with washing spoons that have been mentioned, and the loaves come out just as well.
    I love the wholemeal loaves, and as you’d expect different flour produces different results, but all are tasty freshly baked!
    Now the white loaf is seriously good, too good infact. It’s almost impossible not to eat the whole loaf in one go, so this is an occasional treat in our household….
    We keep it on the work top close to hand and as I work from home I put it on and am around when it’s done 3 1/2 hours later – the time it takes for wholemeal. I prefer the longer bake times, as you need less sugar and yeast that way.
    If you have a family of more than 2 then you definitely need a bigger machine, and the timer would be useful too, but all in all this is a great little machine, simple as can be to use, and as a first bread maker it has totally converted me!

  5. Mary Lou says

    I have just bought this breadmaker. I have not had a problem with the paddle sticking in the loaf because I make sure the pan and paddle are oiled before I use the machine.
    Dont bother with the spoon measure supplied. I went to The Factory Shop and bought a set of four magnetic measuring spoons for £1.50 (£6.50 at some well known high street stores) which are great.

  6. Bett says

    I bought this breadmaker a month or so ago,to replace a very expensive one that lasted on year! I have made bog standard white and wholemeal bread and today I made a banana and raisin loaf (it was what I had to hand) one banana, roughly chopped and a couple of handfuls of raisins, quick bake bread recipe – it was lovely – a bit like bread pudding – my daughter also loved it! It could have done with maybe ten minutes more cooking – add the “bake” setting and stop after 10-15 mins.

    I fancy trying apple next time.