Seduced by Chocolate! It’s the Great Big Massive Forever Nigella Round Up!

Any notion I had about the inaugural Forever Nigella being a flash in the pan was swept away this month when SIXTY of you were well and truly Seduced by Chocolate for Forever Nigella #2. Without further to-do let’s linger over all our wonderful slinky chocolate smothered entries. You may like to take the phone off the hook (do people still do that?) while you do so…

Nisrine reminded us about the joys of Baci, an Italian hazelnut chocolate along the lines of Ferrero Rocher that has a little note inside with her Baci Ice Cream

Deeba pulled out all the stops to do her tribute to a Not Quite Nigella adaptation of a Nigella classic, Strawberry Meringue Chocolate Cake

Jamie is the first of the trio of ladies who made this Chocolate Orange Cake on the same day, each with their own twist

Meeta added a salted caramel topping to her Chocolate Orange Cake

And Jeanne was truly spicy to form with this Decadent Spiced Chocolate Orange Cake

Katie crammed loads of oreos into this Intense Chocolate Oreo Loaf

Helen joined the orange choccy cake brigade with her Chocolate Marmalade Cake

Ren at Fabulicious Food reworked the Chocolate Cloud Cake with an orange flavour

Antonia shared four great reasons to love Nigella alongside her Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake

Adele added espresso to Nigella’s Classic Brownie

Another coffee kick over from Jo at Comfort Bites with these Chocolate Muffins

Andrea made Churros over at Made With Pink

Louise at Comida y Vida didn’t let being nine months pregnant stop her making Churros either

Kat, also playing the waiting game for baby to appear gave us this Chocolate Brownie cut into cake slices

Yasmin at Red Panda Bakes discusses the perfect Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie

US Masala truly seduces with this eggless chocolate mousse

Sweet Artichoke gets very creative with Nigella’s Nutella Cake and a few other delights

Janice at Farmer’s Girl goes for comforting Chocolate Rice Pudding

Michelle shows off her enviable chocolate stash and bakes this gooey chocolate cake:

Choclette combines pistachio and chocolate for this glossy cake

Brownieville Girl gives us Dress Up or Downable Chocolate Cake

Kelly adapts Nigella’s Boston Cream Pie recipe especially for Valentine’s

Sally at My Custard Pie shows us how much she lurrrrves Chocolate Mousse

Karen at Karen and Nigella makes a Chocolate Brownie Bowl filled with ice cream

Yours truly turns the Coca Cola cake into Cherry Coke Kugelhopf

Dormouse and the Teapot serves her husband some Devil’s Food Cake topped with violets

Katey made Chocolate Honey Cake with super cute bees to decorate it

Over in Italy, Juls went outside in the garden to enjoy these Chocolate Banana Muffins with added rum – yum!

Also in Italy, A Taste of My Life scaled down Nigella’s Guinness Cake to come up with these fabulous Chocolate and Guinness Cupcakes

Rebecca Bakes Cakes has a giggle with these Chocolate Love Buns

Miri at Peppermill adapts the chocolate pistachio fudge to come up with this splendid Chocolate and Macadamia Fudge

Sanchita at Nutty Cook made Truffle Adorned Cupcakes

Rossella makes a beautiful Chocolate Pear Pudding for her sister

Anne at I Heart Cupcakes also adapts the Guinness cake recipe to present these Stout Cupcakes

(and a Flourless Chocolate Cake to boot)

Yen’s Bakery gives the Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies the Valentine’s treatment with the addition of raspberry flavour.

And Barbara Bakes makes the first heart shaped Rocky Road Crunch Bars I’ve ever seen… and they look mighty fine too!

Susie at Sticky Pinny adapts the Maltesers Cake from Feast to make these delightful Maltesers Cupcakes

and then she snook another entry in at the last minute, these hearty Red Velvet Cupcakes

Sarah whips up a Boston Cream Pie and confesses her teenage crush for Peter Duncan

Vickii bakes these fabulously Glitzy Chocolate Puddings scattered with Crunchie bars (I am totally craving a Crunchie now I’ve seen this!)

Chaya makes the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Orange

Sanya celebrates Valentine’s Day with Chocolate Lime Cake with Margarita Cream

Michael at Me, My Food and I makes up for depriving his colleagues of his cooking with the Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake

Chele debates whether she should start using Twitter whilst musing over White Chocolate and Mint mousse

Michele at 5am Foodie taunts us with these simple Chocolate Cupcakes with glossy icing

Helene at I Cook With Butter gets devilishly naughty for Valentine’s with this Devil’s Food Cake

Trisha at My Hobbie Lobbie is also tempting us with this Luscious Chocolate Cake

Edwina at My Mezzaluna has done some pretty Chocolate Topped Cupcakes in striking gingham cupcake wrappers

…and as if that’s not enough, she’s also done these gorgeous Budino di Cioccolato Puddings

Helen at Half a Pot of Cream joins the devilish temptresses with another Devil’s Food Cake

Riva of Kaarasaaram – believe it or not, had not cooked Nigella recipes before although she is a MASSIVE fan of the TV shows. She serves up the Chocolate Pavlova from Forever Summer

…and Riva also made a Raspberry, Passionfruit and White Chocolate Mousse. I’m sure you join me in welcoming Riva to the cult of Nigella-ness and wish her the best of luck cooking more Nigella recipes.

Maya of Foodiva has also gotten all moussey with White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse

Claire at Things We Make has celebrated her husband’s birthday with a sprinkles and candles adorned Best Birthday Cake topped with chocolate and filled with custard

Jayne at Janerly has decorated Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake with pretty pink flowers.

Mia of Bright Morning Stars Foodie has made these delightfully gooey heart shaped Intensely Chocolatey Love Brownies with Choco Cherries and Valrhona Cacao Nibs

Dom at Belleau Kitchen has made Chocolate Banana Walnut Muffins from the new Kitchen book

Yummy Chunklet and a guesting non-blogging friend cooked up two chocolate recipes both from Nigella Express: Chocolate Mint Cookies and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Lana at Bibberche feeds her addiction with Instant Chocolate Mousse

Soulful Creations made Fancy Schmancy Chocolate Cake for the Superbowl

Josie at Cumin in the Cupboard sent her husband out especially to buy chocolate for these Budino Di Cioccolato

Cakes Crumbs and Cooking reminisces about a not entirely successful occasion when she made these Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes for small children… thankfully this time they had a more appreciative audience!

And last but not least, Omone at Omone Love Blog has made Chocolate Pavlova with Raspberries and Pomegranate served with a Coulis

So that’s sixty plus entries…. wow I just couldn’t believe how they kept popping into my inbox every day. But there can only be one winner and Dom at Chocablog has been visiting each chocolatey Nigella delight to come up with this month’s winning post:

….It’s….. Mia of Bright Morning Stars Foodie!

Here’s what Dom has to say about Mia’s entry:

“I was looking for something that was indulgent and chocolatey without being too fussy. This looks simple enough that I could make it, but decadent enough that I would want to eat it all myself (don’t expect me to share!). I love the idea of using cacao nibs and cherries together, but it was the gooeyness that won me over. And I really, really want one right now.”

So well done Mia and I’ll be in touch with you to arrange delivery of your Forever Nigella prize.

If you haven’t heard yet, a further reminder Forever Nigella #3 has started already. This time our theme is Italian and you can find out all the information in the announcement post here. I’m getting into a habit of announcing one theme the day after the previous one closes with the previous round up published ASAP so you can get going on the next month’s theme without hanging about!

Whew! I never imagined this would be SO popular nor SO quickly. I will be handing over the baton to new hosts from Forever Nigella #4 onwards so if you’re interested in playing Forever Nigella hostess and you’ve not let me know already please drop me an email to sarahATmaisoncupcakeDOTcom Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who took part and I hope to see lots of you again for Forever Nigella #3 Ciao Italia!


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    I’ve pulled the phone off the wall for this Sarah…amazing round up & well won Mia. I’d love some of that gooey goodness too!

  2. says

    Someone please stop me from eating my laptop!!! I am out of chocolate and in a real bind here… Fabulous assortment of recipes. They are all winners!

  3. says

    good lord we’re a fabulous bunch ‘aint we?… so many, bet you’re chuffed to bits, it’s a great challenge so well done… can’t wait to start my Italia ideas! xxx

  4. says

    Wow – what an incredible feast of chocolateyness. They all look totally delicious – such wonderful photos too (I’m ashamed of my dark, swiftly-shot effort!). Looking forward to the next round and already have my stack of Nigella books on the kitchen table for inspiration.

  5. says

    Hi Sarah, what an amazing round-up! Sorry I didn’t quite get around to it this month (I did post about it though). Will get back on track for FN3. Did I mention I was keen on hosting too? x

  6. says

    Blimey Sarah, I’ll know where to come if I ever run out of chocolate ideas 😉 Interesting how often orange cropped up – it’s such a classic pairing, but such a good one. Thanks for doing this.

  7. says

    I was inspired, tempted and slightly exhausted by the time I looked at all these entries…..How must you have felt? What an amazing round up. Such an incredibly high standard (and lovely to see other Dubai bloggers joining in too). Thanks Sarah.

  8. Summer says

    My heart skips a beat…no 2 , im so overwhelmed and excited that am still tingling all over….this is totally wonderful!
    Dom , thannxx a ton , i am loving reading ur thoughts(no , i am sure u dont want to know how many times i did:-) ), and u have company , V ,who i baked these for , refused to share or give them to anyone , ever…

    Thannxxx a ton Sarah for bringing us this wonderful world of Forever Nigella!!!

    Sign off while doing the happy feet dance , must write to Dom too!

  9. Summer says

    Am still going thru all these chocolate delights, well Sarah , u sure are going to have more than double next month, thats for sure!
    I sure would lovee to host sometime too!
    And u have put up a lovely round up , with a heart felt thought for every body!

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    Brilliant round up, Sarah. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to participating yet, work has been so busy! Fingers croseed I’ll make it for this one. :)

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    Flippin heck!!! And I thought doing a We Should Cocoa round up was bad enough but 60 different submissions, that is a fantastic job! I was going to say who would of thought there were so many different chocolate recipes … but then it is Nigella lol

  12. says

    Is there anything more fun than looking through so many beautiful chocolate concoctions? Great round up! Brava, Mia, well deserved (who does not love easy, fast, and gooey?

  13. says

    What a great chocolate round up. This is an art of cooking. I love chocolate and can’t wait to try some of these wonderful recipes. My personal favorites are chocolate rice pudding and chocolate and macadamia fudge. They look delicious!