Recipe: Southern Comfort, lime and ginger mousse with Savoiardi biscuits

After the last bumper picture packed post I hope you will forgive me for doing a little recycling today.  I had so much of the zabaglione, pastry cream, whipped cream and mascarpone mixture left over from assembling the tiramisu that I piped it into glass dishes as a separate dessert.

I deliberately made some of my savoiardi biscuits a round shape rather than the traditional fingers that had been used in the tiramisu and those are the ones you see above.

I feel I am being exceptionally lazy today. I’ve been a bit under the weather since yesterday when I went to bed at 8pm (unheard of for me) and fed my husband fish fingers for dinner this evening. He took it quite well. Our conversation went like this:

Husband: “What did Teddy eat for dinner tonight?”
Me: “He had a chopped up pizza bite, one and a bit fish fingers, some cheesy smashed potato with lots of butter and peas.”
Husband (to Teddy enthusiastically): “Mmmm! You have such nice dinners!”

brief pause

Husband to me: “What have I got?”
Me: “The same.”
Husband: “Oh.” (pulls face then starts sniggering)
Me: “I’m sorry, I feel too ill to cook.”

another brief pause

Husband (quizzical, pointing at something new on worktop): “What are these?”
Me: “Lemon and rosemary macarons.”
Husband: “Can I eat them?”
Me: “No.”

Giveaway Winner

The winner of Ching’s Chinese Food in Minutes as chosen by was number 33, which was Mowie from Mowielicious.  Mowie has two reasons to celebrate this week because he has just been featured in the Times Online food and drink section as one of their “Best of the Blogs”.  I bet he never thought his “muffcakes” would make it so big!

Another announcement now to let you know that the H2OPE for Haiti raffle organised by Jeanne at Cook Sister has been extended until midnight GMT on Sunday 7 March. To enter the raffle visit Jeanne’s post here.  All money goes to Concern Worldwide to help provide clean drinking water for the earthquake victims.

Southern Comfort, Lime & Ginger Mousse with Savoiardi Biscuits
See I told you I was being lazy today, there isn’t even a proper recipe.

The mousse is simply the zabaglione, pastry cream, whipped cream and mascarpone from the tiramisu post.  If I felt up to it, the word “simply” in this context would make me laugh until I split my sides. You could make life easier on yourself by buying your own mascarpone and savoiardi biscuits?  


  1. Heavenly Housewife says

    What a fab desert daaaaaahling! Looks so refreshing and fatty at the same time 😉 thats what i like.
    *kisses* HH

  2. Deeba PAB says

    LOL…love your Southern Comfort Mousse and loved the conversation!! Yum that you had so much leftover from Dbs to make more dessert! This is heavenly. Oh and congrats to lucky Mowie for winning your giveaway! YAY you Mowie…you're on a roll, a well deserved one!!

  3. Kitchen Butterfly says

    Hope you're feeling better. Have a good weekend….and lovely recycling! How can anyone be upset!!!!!!!

  4. BonjourRomance says

    Bonjour Sarah,
    What a yummy way to use all that leftover Tiramisu creme. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, wishing you a very speedy recovery. Perhaps a bit of that Southern Comfort Mousse would help:))
    Bone weekend

  5. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says

    Mmmm that flavour is really singing out to me. I must keep Mr NQN away from this page or he'll be requesting it! 😛

  6. Mowie @ Mowielicious says

    Can't believe I won this! Thanks so much my lovely x

    And yes, I truly NEVER thought my muffcakes would get such a mention. I mean… of ALL the things! Does that mean I'll forever be known as the 'Muffcake guy'? I much prefer your 'Pink Magician' xxx

  7. thingswemake says

    I loved these pics so much that I just need to point out that it was you that inspired me to track down some wrapping paper of a similar colour from Paperchase. I now keep using it as a background for my pics (like cake pops and macarons). I really need to find a new colour, but I love this one so!

  8. Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

    @thingswemake If I recall correctly, I bought this paper in Clintons.