Nigella Chocolate Mousse from Nigellissima

This Nigella chocolate mousse recipe from Nigellissima isn’t especially Italian. But it’s very quick to make and perfect for pampering a special someone.

Nigellissima Chocolate Mousse

Just how many Nigella chocolate mousse recipes are there?!

There are around eight versions of different Nigella chocolate mousse recipes across her books. Checking tonight I see there are

  • chocolate pots in Nigella Bites
  • two Nigella chocolate mousse recipes in Forever Summer
  • two more in Nigella Express,
  • her date and chocolate verrines somewhere although I can’t remember which book exactly.

It is fair to say Nigella likes moussey things in pots and tends to make versions which do not require whipped egg whites.

I did wonder whether the world needed another instant Nigella chocolate mousse recipe but the difference is here that she uses condensed milk and whipped cream rather than eggs.

During a month when healthy eating is on most peoples’ minds I did baulk that this Nigella chocolate mousse recipe used up a whole pot of Elmlea double cream to make just three desserts. So this is a very rich treat indeed. I’m going to be a good girl and feed these to my delightfully slim husband and son – until Valentine’s Day at least.


The original recipe was in double quantities and made six desserts. It is actually supposed to be a chocolate orange mousse with Grand Marnier or Cointreau. However I ditched this since I planned to feed the mousse to Ted. Probably if I were serving them with the orange liqueur I would sprinkle orange zest on top instead of grated chocolate. I had run out of oranges when I photographed them.

Although these pictures aren’t THAT bad I do feel compelled to apologise… if I were another type of food blogger I might be laying out a tableau with fresh oranges chopped up in different positions but frankly it’s January, the light is rubbish and this is the best I could manage today. I love looking at said type of food blogger pictures but with the exception of Ren and the brilliant and inexplicably underrated Greedy Gourmet, they’re mostly created by people who don’t have young children.

As you might have noticed the frequency of my posts has been greater lately – after a relatively fallow period I am exercising my blogging muscles with a spot of personal NaNoBloMo discipline, albeit in January, albeit Monday to Friday only. But this is what works for me right now.

These natty chunky little stemmed glasses are wine glasses I recently found in IKEA and only cost £3 for 4. They’re perfect for serving individual trifles and desserts like this although I think they’re a little indelicate for drinking wine. Were I still twenty and expecting house guests who regularly smashed all my wine glasses they’d be ideal!!



Despite the omission of alcohol I haven’t made enough changes to justify publishing the recipe here – instead I am linking my Nigella chocolate mousse to Sally at Recipe Junkie who is hosting this month’s Forever Nigella with the theme “food to cherish your loved ones with”.


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Also, since I’ve been meaning to make these ever since I bought Nigellisima in September, I am sending them to Jacc’s Bookmarked Recipes.

What food do you cherish your loved one with?

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  1. says

    Personally, I think these look scrumptious! This sounds like such a rich and decadent treat, definitely one to make soon and enjoy!

  2. says

    Love simple chocolate mousse recipes and love Ikea more for their cheap sherry glasses which are perfect for mini desserts when baking for a crowd

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      IKEA definitely has its moments doesn’t it. I have lots of random IKEA items for food pics :-)

  3. says

    oooo condensed milk and whipped cream – I’m sold. Haven’t really delved into any of my Christmas cook books yet (the ones I was given) which included Nigelissima, but someone has entered the tiramisu as well which looks heavenly, so it won’t be long :-). Thanks for entering¬

  4. says

    Those photographs are looking better than anything I’ve managed in this rubbish light recently – they certainly make me want to dive into one NOW.

  5. says

    The light is pretty dismal, isn’t it?? Unlike the rest of the world, I am NOT eating particularly healthily this month so I’ll have one of those please (with the Cointreau on the side in a shot glass!).

  6. says

    Oh the light at the moment is hopeless and I am not even that good at taking pics so I can imagine how it bothers you, whose photos I always adore. Good glasses find too, and filled with this how could anyone resist. I would not need any help with mine!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Thank you – I was immensely cheered by some sun yesterday afternoon, my kitchen looked light and bright again. As you’ve probably seen my kitchen is a white light box so if it’s gloomy for me it’s even worse for people with darker rooms to take pictures in. Roll on spring!

  7. jamielifesafeast says

    Oooh can we have too many chocolate moussy recipes? This one with condensed milk and whipping cream sounds heavenly and in my book even better than regular mousse. And oh yeah I’d definitely make it with Cointreau!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Jamie – I’m going to have play around with other chocolate varieties and liqueurs so watch this space!

  8. says

    I hadn’t really noticed how many Nigella mousse recipes there were until you said… There are quite a few! Might have to get out Express and try one! I think the pictures look great despite the time of year! :0)

  9. rose says

    Instead of the elmlea cream – would it work with a container of that soya cream substitute? Sort of halves the guilt ?