“Forever Nigella” chocolate cake from Feast

Nigella Chocolate Cake

This may be the Easter Egg Nest Chocolate Cake from Nigella’s Feast but aside from the addition of some mini eggs, there’s no reason you couldn’t try it all year round.

It’s indulgent, I admit, comprising 6 eggs, 375g chocolate and lashings of butter and cream to boot. Sadly the Easter Egg Nest Nigella Chocolate Cake recipe has been removed from Nigella.com.

It’s a flourless cake and my version varied slightly in structure to Nigella’s original. Although Nigella’s instructions say this is a stress-free cake to make, I’d say anything that requires egg separation and meringue whipping has its hairy moments for the less confident baker. The batter whipped up a dream, foamy, surprisingly pale considering the amount of chocolate but this led me to my quandary?

Dare I fill a single cake tin with this batter? Yes it’s due to sink back but surely it would rise first and I feared I’d have cake explosions inside my oven.

Chickening out, I divided the batter between two 9 inch/23cm loose base tins. Indeed the batter rose in the oven but I wasn’t expecting it to sink back as much as it did.

Easter Cake

As you can see above I ended up with two truffley layers each around an inch thick. I was astonished a cake batter so airy and plentiful (and costing so much in ingredients) could sink back to something so flimsy?

I decided to sandwich these with some milk chocolate ganache (my other variation was to use milk chocolate instead of dark as it’s my favourite) which worked a treat although admittedly added to the calorific burden of the whole thing which was already topped with a layer of chocolate and whipped cream.

The result, with layers of ganache and whipped chocolate cream included, is a truly indulgent chocolate cake. Your pockets and scales alike will thank you for keeping this as a definite treat rather than a regular event. But every now and again, this cake looks pretty and will delight all who try it.


Today’s post is my entry to Forever Nigella which is being hosted by Lucy at Vanilla Frost Cakes – you can find out how to submit your entry (by 28th April) at her passionfruit curd post here. One week left for all your favourite spring themed Nigella recipes, not just Easter.

I think this is the richest most indulgent cake I’ve ever made. What’s yours?
With thanks to Waitrose for providing me with enough milk chocolate to make this cake!

Easter Cake


  1. says

    Now that chocolate cake looks divine. After my cake disaster (top fell apart) when trying to slice my first chocolate cake for Vanessa’s supermarket cake off, I think I would always opt for two tins now as well. Got my entry planned. Will be posting next week. X

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      I think if I’d had a deep tin I’d have been ok but it was sandwich tins and the batter came all the way to the top. I think I’d definitely have had a mess to clean up in the oven had I not divided it.

  2. says

    Mmmmhhh, I’d love a slice of it right now to accompany my tea…. This cake looks delicious!



  3. says

    It looks delish Sarah. Love the mini eggs on the Emma Bridgewater spots.

    My mother bought mini eggs for her Easter cake and the tiny box of 12 had 8 that were purple. Very disappointing.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      I like your thinking! More calories but shussh, it’s lighter really!

  4. says

    I toyed with making the Easter Nest Cake – if my memory serves me, it is her chocolate cloud cake, adapted? If so, I remember it being deliciously rich and very yummy. The most indulgent chocolate cake I ever made with Ina Garten’s Beatty’s Chocolate Cake. It is also laced with espresso, which seems to make it even richer in taste. I do love any Nigella recipe, too though. Lovely spotty plates!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Gosh yes it is – I hadn’t looked in Nigella Bites for ages nor made that before. In fact in the Cloud Cake recipe she gives Easter Egg Nest variation at end. The whipped cream topping *could* be cloud like but the base was more brownie like IMO.

  5. says

    Your cake looks absolutely gorgeous. Having made this many years ago I recommend only making it for a large crowd. As I remember it is extraordinarily rich and even my chocolate addict younger daughter couldn’t manage more than one slice. It’s a party stopper though. Hopping over to Vanilla Frost cakes now.

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Yep, we lingered over it for a few days then took last third of it to a friend’s house to let them finish it!

  6. says

    I find a lot of Nigella’s recipes are very decadent – even the savoury recipes often involve tipping in a whole bottle of wine or a tub of cream. Always delicious though!

    • Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

      Please do – Nelly at Nelly’s Cupcakes is hosting with a Diamond Jubilee celebration Nigella style!