Chorizo canapes recipe with mozzarella and rocket

Easy chorizo canapes recipe suggestion from the recent Baxter’s tea party.

Easy to assemble chorizo canapes with mozzarella and rocket via

I recently attended an afternoon tea party hosted by Baxter’s.  Out of the dozen recipes they gave me, I ended up making six of the savoury ones at home to reproduce what I’d seen that afternoon. I didn’t walk away intending to make so many or base three blog posts on these products but the ideas were so easy to replicate at home that I thought they were all worthy of being added to my archive of party food.

This chorizo canapes recipe uses Baxter’s tomato chutney. You could use any tomato based or onion based chutneys. The chorizo and mozzarella contrast each other bother in texture, colour and flavour. The rocket leaves finish off the pretty red, white and green effect.

The golden rule with canapes is that you should be able to eat them with one bite. By using mini oatcake bites, this chorizo canapes recipe scores top marks on that front. Your only problem will be managing to resist taking another one as the tray sails past!

Easy to assemble chorizo canapes with mozzarella and rocket via




Chorizo canapes with mozzarella and rocket
Adapted from Tom Kitchin's Crostini with Mozzarella and Tomato Chutney with Red Pepper (brand recipe created for Baxter's)
Serves: Makes approx 24
  • 2 bags of Nairn's Oat Bakes or 2 dozen mini oatcakes
  • A little cream cheese (you can omit this if using proper mini oatcakes)
  • 150g pack buffalo mozzarella (you won't need all of it)
  • 100g pack chorizo sausage (ditto)
  • ¼ jar Baxter's tomato chutney with red pepper or similar
  • A handful of rocket leaves
  1. Dab some cream cheese between pairs of the Oatcake bites if using.
  2. Top each little sandwich (or biscuit) with a slim disc of buffalo mozzarella. Add 1tsp of the chutney and a slither of rocket to the top of each one, then top with a disc of chorizo.

With thanks to Baxter’s for supplying samples of chutney and beetroot.

Easy to assemble chorizo canapes with mozzarella and rocket via


  1. Matina says

    Hi Sarah! Great to see you yesterday! These little snacks are a great idea, I am always looking for quick fixes to unexpected company :)

  2. faithy, the baker says

    Wow..i love appetizers! Any bite size food i adore! Lovely presentation and lovely photos too!!

  3. Koek! says

    Crickey – now THOSE are appetisers in the true sense of the word. Especially love the chorizo and mozzarella ones. Yum!

  4. An Open Book says

    the chorizo one is def a bookmarking it and def serving it as an appetizer at my next party :)

  5. Heather Davis says

    Great appetizers! Anything with roasted tomatoes is a must. Will have to try these next time people are coming round.

  6. Su-yin says

    Ahhh finger food. I love anything bite size, and these look lovely. Really like the look of those chorizo bites!

  7. Sarah, Maison Cupcake says

    @matina Yes it was great to see you too!
    @faithy Thank you very much
    @Koek They are well worth a go, try them
    @marymoh @anopenbook Definitely!
    @jennifurla Thank you!
    @heather They'lll disappear fast if you do!
    @su-yin They're very pretty aren't they
    @hazel Thanks!