Recipe: macaron studded Coca Cola cake

This picture has a touch of the Fanny Craddock’s about it – by which I mean it looks like kitsch 1970s food photography (of which I am a huge fan). I can explain. I have been taking photos in virtual darkness to the point that I cannot see how dishevelled the cake in front of me is and have to rescue this with 3 second exposures and a boost in iPhoto which gives unpredictable results. Roll on light nights and summer!

It’s like dashing into the theatre just as the curtain goes up… you’ve made it in time but not had time to change out or do your hair but are surrounded by other glamorous looking people who have.

The same scenario is true here. This has all been thrown together I’m afraid, it was a case of comb your hair and touch up the mascara or miss the party altogether and with my macaron shells in the bag (or the tin as the case may be) I chose the former. The January Mactweets challenge “MacInspirational” was to make your favourite dessert and incorporate macarons in some way.

Having had a bit of a jinx with my macaron shells recently I opted to play safe with chocolate which seems more forgiving than other mixes and gives a greater chance of success. I made my shells about a week ago and have had them stored in a biscuit tin whilst I decided what I should use them for. Deadlines have a habit of sneaking up on you and I’d not factored in that I’d be spending the last two days before the deadline doing something really fabulous.

Hence in order to join the party, my contribution to Mac Attack 15 is what I did with the rest of the Cherry Coke Kugelhopf batter decorated with macarons. I had dreams of using my mac shells in cheese cake bases, in forming them into baskets glued together with chocolate but alas it was not to be. Instead I have studded them around a 5 inch sandwich cake (with a few extra crumbled on top) and used pairs to decorate some swirled cupcakes, butterfly style.

In my defence I say that the Cherry Coca Cola cake mix is my favourite dessert du jour which more than qualifies it!

Mac Attack is hosted at Mactweets by my good friends Jamie and Deeba. It’s a monthly macaron challenge and well worth checking out if you’d like to try making these little French beauties yourself.

No need for a recipe here, simply follow yesterday’s Cherry Coke Kugelhopf and last year’s Ottolenghi chocolate macarons.

I will reveal what I have done on my really fabulous two days very soon.

Finally – in case you’re wondering where the Forever Nigella round up is, I had some problems emailing the files to Lorraine in Australia (all those entries!) so we’re about 3 days behind the expected schedule. Fear not, the round up should appear later this week.


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    I love your analogies – the putting on a bit of mascara etc. Most of my photography is done on the fly – it’s the life I lead and although I live in brilliant sunshine all year round my house faces North/South. Embrace the kitch – Fanny would be proud (and I’m sure those that wolfed it down didn’t contemplate it’s appearance for very long). Can’t wait to hear your exciting news.

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    I think that’s so funny cos i’ve been struggling with the light too! I tend to now take all my photo’s in the same place with a really bright flash but I mask the flash with my left hand as I take the photo… the flash light get’s dispersed uo into the room and makes everything look like the sun is shining from above… neat trick, you should try it… although I must say your cake picture makes me want to reach into the screen and grab!!

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    More cherry coke! I thought with your last post I had to try it, but now I’m utterly convinced. This looks great, thanks very much.

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    It’s been too long since I’ve made a mac. Chocolate have always been my favorite and I’m sure they were a fabulous addition to your yummy Cherry Coca Cola cake.

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    Love part 2 of the coke fest…WTG Sarah. Brilliant way to find feet, and it’s lovely to have you back at Mactweets! Enjoyed reading your post!

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    Sarah, I absolutely must try the cherry coke cake! It looks delicious. And I love the photo! What a great idea to add macs, the soft cake and crunchy macarons must have been a great combination.