Toffee, Apple and Walnut Tart made with flashy gadgets


In cyberspace – if not in person – this week I have been dining Come Dine With Me style enjoying a series of dishes especially created using some whizzy new gadgets by Russell Hobbs.

This not being the TV series, neither Camilla at Fab Food 4 All nor Michelle [Read on...]

Melting Peppermint Puddings with After Eight


These melting peppermint puddings would make an ideal dessert for dinner for two or in larger numbers for a tableful of guests. [Read on...]

Mini Coffee Tarts – a dead easy dessert


These mini coffee tarts are my entry to Dead Easy Desserts – my new event for desserts taking 30 minutes or less. [Read on...]

Apricot and amaretto ice cream


Yes it has a bowl you have to store in the freezer and yes I hear you cry “but I’d never have it ready when I wanted to use it”, “but my freezer is always full so I’d never have space for it”. Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 03 Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 04<Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 05 Apricot and amaretto ice cream - 06 In fact, I keep my ice cream maker bowl in the freezer whenever it’s not being used. … However I’ve reached the conclusion I prefer my old lime green one with plastic handle because it takes up less space in the drawer and unless your ice cream is soft scoop (which home made generally isn’t) the trigger effect doesn’t really do it justice.

[Read on...]

Why does it always have to be lemon meringue pie?


It’s always lemon meringue pie, why is it always lemon meringue pie? Don’t get me wrong, I love lemon meringue pie to bits.

I’m not as obsessive as Nigel Slater and his step mother in Toast (brilliantly depicted by Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore) who memorably pitted themselves against each other making magnificent [Read on...]

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