Melting Peppermint Puddings with After Eight


These melting peppermint puddings would make an ideal dessert for dinner for two or in larger numbers for a tableful of guests. [Read on...]

Rhubarb quark crumble


There’s scarcely been any cooking in my selection of quark desserts this week but in this one you will actually need to use the oven.

The good news is you will have some chunky crumbly bits left over to top any other desserts in the days following.

Start off by cooking chunks [Read on...]

Raspberry quark “mess”

quark raspberry mess

Those little tubs of dry meringues you get in the supermarket can come in very handy. I’ll never forget wowing the mums at my son’s 1st birthday party by serving them in dishes of strawberries drizzled with molten chocolate. My sleep deprived friends with babies of their own seemed to think I was some [Read on...]

Lemon “cheesecake” using quark and speculoos


Some day or another I’ll get around to making a bona fide cheese cake that you bake in the oven – but for the time being I’m happy to cheat with stuff like Philadelphia and today, lemon flavoured quark.

You get all the joy of lemon flavour, biscuit base but the “cheesy” bit is [Read on...]

Egg free quark chocolate mousse recipe

quark chocolate mousse

Usually making chocolate mousse involves folding whisked egg whites into a chocolatey custard type mix and if I’m honest, it’s not something I do very often.

When you can get a chocolate dessert that looks as good as the one above, why would you bother?

Quark is one of those ingredients you hear about [Read on...]

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